Tuesday, 31 December 2013

OOTD - I was so stupid, to give you all my attention

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
Happy new years eve! Being Miss Antisocial , I am not doing anything for New Years. It will me, my ipad and chocolate ;) Anyways here is an OOTD from yesterday. Hope you enjoy ! 
Top was £12.99 in the sale. It says Nothing To Wear
Leggings are from new look from last year. 
Excuse my messy room in the background... 
Shoes - h&m, Socks (the frills) - topshop. 
So my makeup was quite busy as we were going out for dinner. My eyemakeup was all using the Stila in the Moment pallete. Well not every colour , obviously =D . My face was just concealer, blush and highlighter. And my lips were bare minerals pout loud lip sheer.
My hair was just down in a side part. 

So the lyrics are embarrasingly from a Victorious Song - Begging on your knees. I had it in my head for some reason and I liked those lyrics. Other than that , if you listen to the lyrics in the song they are pretty awful . Oh well! 
Byeeeee! xxx

Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 Favourites Part 2: Random

Heyy! Its phoebs :) 

I hope you enjoyed reading my beauty favourites post, if you havent read that go check it out : http://geekchicnotes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/2013-favourites-part-1-beauty.html

Now its on woth the random favourites! 

Book: Looking for Alaska. It is just so amazing! I cannot describe it. Well I can, coz I did a book review on it, which you can check out here : http://geekchicnotes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/looking-for-alaska-book-review.html

Film: I really enjoyed Now You See Me, which is a film about magicians commitimg crimes through magic. Its so interesting, go watch!

Shop: This year I got really into topshop, but also I have to say boots! Most of my makeup is  from there , and without the makeup ,there would be no blog! 

Website: Yahoo OMG. It is a celeb gossip site , and I check it most days to be honest! omg.yahoo.com (i think thats the web adress, if that fails just type yahoo omg into google)

Social media: FACEBOOK. I check this like a gazillion times a day? =D 

Blog: On twitter, I said my top five (my twitter - @ThisChicGeek ) but I have not hated anyones blog really! Followers, I love all your blogs  :)

Youtube:  This year, I really discovered youtube and have been through phases of whos my fave. My top 3 are Zoella, PointlessBlog and MarcusButler. I also love Beauty2047. She is a 13 year old Canadian who makes AWESOME beauty vids!

Song : My music is mainly older stuff , so songs released this year that I love are Demons and Radioactive by imagin dragons. God their music is powerful. Need their album!

Trend: selfies! I mean I dont take selfies THAT much, but of selfies wernt a trend, I would look weird taking so many pics! =D

Place: Colonge Christmas Markets. The german trip was DEFFO a trip to remeber, it was so magical and it felt so Christmassy.  (plus the crepes were AMAZE) 

Food: no new foods that I have tried this year that I would say is my favourite :S

Item: My ukulele. I mean, without it I wouldnt of started song writing :0 

I hope you enjoyed the 2nd part of this Favourites post, tomorrow I will post my soppy/mushy/cheesy (sorry guys) 2013 year in summary. So look forward to that! ;)
Byeeeeee! xxx

2013 Favourites Part 1 : Beauty

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
2013 is almost at an end and soon we will be diving into 2014. Thats CRAZY. I love doing favourites posts and I do not think I did one last month, but this 2 Part Special will make up for that! I am doing this in catagories, I think thats the best way to do this. 

Foundation/BB Cream - benefit Oxygen wow foundation. This is a light liquid foundation, but with medium coverage. Also it stays on all day! It has been featured a lot in my blog haha

Concealer - Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. You all should know how much I love my benefit bo ing concealer , but Collections Range in general has really surprised me, especially this concealer!

Blush - Benefits Rockateur Blush. I only got this in november but whenever I wear blush, I go to this. Sometimes I use it to contour slightly. Its such a beautiful product, love love love! 

Eyeshadow - Sleek Eyeshadow Palletes. Err mi god, £8.99 for 12 gorgeous coloured, pigmented shades? Bargin. I think sleek is only avaliable in the Uk, so sorry about that :( but boots now stock sleek, so it could become more widely avaliable :) 

Cream Eyeshadow - Maybelline Colour Tattoos. These are always getting duped for thr mac paintpots, and they are only £4.99. These are so easy to work with, theres colours for everyone and stay on the whole time. 

Eyeliner - Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl Eyeliner. I have done a review on this, and I think it is one of my most popular posts , so scroll to the bottom of this page and a link to get to it should be there :)

Mascara - Benefit They're Real Mascara. I have done a comparison with this mascara to my favourite drugstore one, so check that out here :http://geekchicnotes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/benefit-real-mascara-vs-maybelline.html 
Seriously , this mascara beats all mascara. I got 2 tubes for xmas, and they will be used up pretty soon ! =D 

Lip product - I only really got into lip products this year, and I have loved every single one I tried! I go back to my babylips a lot and my Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick. But I love all my lip products! I think next year I am going to branch out and try a red lippie :0 


Shampoo - The amount of shampoos I have gone through this year is ridiculous! I love my current one though, the Tressemme Naturals Shampoo

Conditioner - I like to apply things in their sets, so I love the Tresseme Naturals Conditioner too. But the Loreal Elvive hair mask is so perfect, I am just too impatient to use it every wash haha. 

Shower Gel - Nivea Pearl and Beauty. It is so creamy and smells so luxourious. The scent lasts ages as well. I always feel squeaky clean after using it ;)

Body Lotion - Vasaline Spray and Go, this was my summer STAPLE. 


Cleanser - I have religiously used the simple cleansing lotion - I love it! Its so quick and easy

Eye makeup remover - Garnier Fresh Essentials Eyemakeup Remover , again, its quick and easy, does the job well and I can do it on my dressing table :)

Daily face wash - Tea Tree and Whitch Hazel Foaming Face Wash - you guys will of never heard me talk about this as I used it before Geek Chic Notes started. It leaves your skin feeling sososooso smooth, I'm not too sure why I dont use it now....hmmm

Exfoliator - Garnier Pure Active Anti Blackhead Exfoliating wash. I use this 3 times a week, just to unclog pores and just tackle my skins problems really! Its fab for the price 

Moisturiser - Garnier Moisture Match for Normal Skin. I have gone through 3 bottles of this stuff! I love the scent and it leaves my face with the perfect amount of moisture. 


Shampoo and conditioner - see above ;)

product - John Frieda Sheer Blonde Lightening Spray. I used this all over my hair in the summer, then I used it on the ends for a dip dyed effect. I still do this once. A week. As long as you use it woth nourishing products, your hair doesnt get too dry (unless you have dry hair, then avoid this!) I love the affect it gives on my hair. 

Accessory - The doughnut. This you put to make your bun more volumous. My post on how to use it : 
Im modelling a doughnut today ;)

So thats it for part 1! Without my blog, I do not think I would of discovered half of these products. But more of the mushy stuff in part 2 ;)
Byeeeeee! xxx 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

What I got for Christmas Haul!

Heyy! Its phoebs :) 
Sorry I havent posted since xmas eve! I just wanted a little break and time to just focus on christmas. But now I'm back and I have 48 of you AND over 3000 pageviews! Thank you guys! If you follow me on twitter ( @ThisChicGeek ) I already mentioned this. ALSO you should follow me on twitter because when I am not blogging,I am on that! Final thanks, for all the lovely feedback on My Christmas Eve (its still up, go view that page while you can) I really enjoyed writing it and I am glad you liked it . 

Now heres my little disclaimer. I am honestly not trying to brag/show off I just wanted to share with you guys what I recieved! Loads of people have these types of posts/videos up around the end of december as well :) 

Lets get going! 

So in my stocking I was very lucky with what I got! The big present in my stocking was the babylis hair wavers. Stupidly, I did not take a picture of my hair when I waved it on boxing day, but it looked really nice and lasted the whole day without hairspray :0
Next up , I got a Stila In the Moment pallete. I love it, but they are not very long lasting! 
I also recieved the Real Techniques core collection! These are so perfect 
I recieved 2 books from santa. OMG the Jemma Kidd makeup one <3
I got some more benefit mascara which is always good :) and finally I got the computer game sims 3. I have become addicted to that, it is kind of scary =D 

Moving on to relatives, from my parents I got a Pandora Bracelet 
I cannot thank my parents enough for this as I know they are quite pricey. I feel very spoilt!
From my brother I got a real techniques eyeshadow shading brush. 

From 1 set of grandparents, I got THE FLUFFIEST DRESSING GOWN EVER KNOWN , nail varnish and a little impulse set :)
From my other grandparents ,i got a lindt reindeer, a gorgeous necklace and the soap and glory Bright and Bubbly set. 
From my uncle and auntie, I got WonderStruck by Taylor Swift perfume. It smells so good, I cant even explain! 
From my other uncle and aunty, I got the bare minerals Loud and Clear lip sheer , which is so handy 
Then from my mums best friend (I call her my aunt - but she moved back to ireland so we never see her any more) I got two DVDS and some headphones. 
I llove the film The Queen. If you havent seen it please watch it, it sounds boring but it really isnt! 

Wow I feel very lucky! I hope you also got amazing xmas prezzies if you celebrate christmas. I hope you enjoyed reading this and tomorrow - roll on the new year posts! Hehe 
Byeeeee! xxx

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Fourth Day of Festivity!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

So just a reminder the fourth day of this little series has its own page on my blog! I will update the page hourly letting you know what Im doing and stuff. The page will be going down in early January , so read it while you can! Its the page titled : My Christmas Eve .   and heres the link http://geekchicnotes.blogspot.co.uk/p/my-christmas-eve.html

So read, enjoy and feel christmassy!
Byeeeee! xxxx

Monday, 23 December 2013

How to get a bright eyes

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

This is more like tips than an actual tutorial to be honest. This is SO easy to do though, all you need is concealer , eyeliner, mascara and a neutral eyeshadow colour. 
So , under the eyes. I am using the Collection Illuminating Touch concealer. Use this all under the eyes, right up to the lower lash line. Also use concealer just under where your dark circles end to really erradicate them. 
(I thought of this post after I had done my makeup, sorry) 

Now I am doing eyeliner. I am using the Topshop Kohl pencil. Draw a thin line all along the upper lashline. Smudge the line slightly (i just lightly rubbed my finger over the eyeliner) to create a more natural look. 
For mascara, I am using benefit They're Real. Just add as much as you want, but make sure the lashes are not too clumpy. 
Now eyeshadow . I am using a colour from a sleek pallete. With the neutral colour you use, make sure it is slightly lighter than your eyelids already are to create bright eyes. 
So thats it! This is my whole makeup for today. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and use the tips :)
Merry Christmas! xxxxx

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Third Day of Festivity! Baking

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
Its the penultimate post of this series! To make sure you havent missed the other posts, read them here. 
Day 1: Xmas Decorations 

Day 2: Festive Sparkles Makeup Tutorial             http://geekchicnotes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/second-day-of-festivity-festive.html

To find out whats happening tomorrow, Check out this post :

Now you are all linked up, lets start the baking! So I made fairy cakes, but once everything was mixed, I seperated the mixture into 2 and in one bowl I added cocoa to make chocolate cupcakes. Then to bake them I put the 2 mixtures back together to make marble cupcakes. I love making fairy cakes as it is so quick , easy and you can really make them your own. 

Cream the butter and sugar together
*trying a bit too much of it*
Stir in both eggs , one after each other.
It needs to be smooth so I did end up using an electric whisk
Add flour and mix.
Sperate mixture in two. Keep one the same and add cocoa to the other and mix. 
Add 1 tablespoon of milk to each mixture
Put in cupcake cases together.
Put in oven for 10-15 mins (180 degrees)
Mmmm! (My mums cinamon swirls in the background haha) 

I just made glace icing (water and icing sugar) to ice the cakes, and here they are! 

It says merry xmas by the way 

I hope you enjoyed my baking, it was really fun for me anyways! Keep checking my blog tomorrow, it should be good ;)
Merry Christmas! xxxxxx

Its all about family.

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

This post is an OOTD, makeup and hair post, but also a chatty post! God I have thrown it all in there, hehe. 
Anyways, here is my outfit : 
My legs look really weird here haha
So my cardi and leggings are from new look, the black top is h&m and I am not too sure where the necklace is from! (Sorry the pics were bad, havent done this in a while) 


My hair looks slightly wavy today, coz i let it dry naturally. I also got 2 strands from the front of my hair and clipped them back. 

And makeup: 
It is basically a toned down version of my festive makeup look LINK : http://geekchicnotes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/second-day-of-festivity-festive.html

On the eyes I just have mascara, my colour tattoo cream eyeshadow and black pencil liner in the corners. 

I remember doing these types of posts way back in the summer :0


So I was thinking of weird traditions me and my family do, so I will name 3. 

1. The Turkey Run
Every year, normally a day or so before Christmas eve, me, my mum and my brother wake up super early and go to m&s and get the turkey my mum ordered. We go normally at 5:30am (crazy) but this year, the m&s only opens at 7 and my mum was outraged haha. We go so early coz there is around a 1 hour queue at any other time of day. So thats the weirdest xmas tradition ever!

2. Breakfast made by moi
My mum is always so stressed by lunch on Christmas Day, one year I offered to do a breakfast buffet. Ever since I have always made breakfast on xmas day! I normally do croissants, waffles, cereals, crumpets and more. 

3. Good Old Hunt The Thimble 
This is the party game we play EVERY YEAR, someone hides the thimble and the rest pf the family have to try and find it on their own. Once you see the thimble, you sit down. The last person standing looses. Is it well known? I dont know haha 

Now what I got my family for xmas! Only my mum knows about my blog and I refuse to tell her the  web adress. So here we go :)
I got my mum: lindt chocolate, a sign saying home (but the O is a heart. Its really nice) and a necklace from the christmas markets in Colonge. 

I got my brother the Bad Education Handbook. He loves that comedy (so do I - I had a long peak through the book , its so funny!) what we do for xmas prezzies is he choses something for himself and I pay for it. Then I wrap it, and its a present! He does that for me to haha. 

Me and my brother got my dad the 100 Pointless Arguments book . Pointless is a stupid bbc quiz show that my dad HATES. Its a joke present really :) 

So thats it! My baking post is up tomorrow so check out that. I hope you enjoyed and keep following!
Merry Christmas! xxxxx

Second Day of Festivity! Festive Sparkles Makeup Tutorial

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

Whoop is the 22nd of decemeber - 3 DAYS! Being me, obviously I have encorperated a tutorial into this mini series. Christmas is really when you can get sparkly isnt it! ;) I think this look is perfect for Christmas Day, a night out or new years eve. Its not green and red sparkles so if you want shimmer , here we go! 
To start off, I am using my collection Cover up Stick over blemishes. Then I am applying the Colour Match foundation. If there are any blemishes still visible, I go over them with the Cover Up Stick. Then under my eyes, down my nose and on the tops of  my cheek bones, I am using the Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer. To set, I use the stay matte powder. 

Now for brows. Today I am just penciling them and combing through. 

Now for the sparkle! I am using this maybelline Colour Tattoo all over my lid 
In the crease I am using a mix of the two colours i am pointing at from this MUA trio 

Then from my new sleek pallete, I am using this gorgeous colour in the inner corners 
As a little extra, I am taking the colour tattoo on a brush and bringing it on the lower lash line . 
Now I am curling my lashes and applying maybelline mascara . 
Now I am applying the benefit Rockateur Blush. 
Finally on  the lips I am just applying vasaline to give a subtle shine to the lips 
There is your festive look! Hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful. 
Merry Christmas! xxxxx