Thursday, 20 June 2013

Book Review - Acrros the Baracades

In English we had to pick out a book from a choice of five and, as I was late ( nothing new there) this book was the only option. And oh my god it is AMAZING.
The book , by Joan Linguard, was the second in the series.i have not read the first so do not worry!
The storyline: it is set in Belfast , where soldiers patrol the streets and everyone fears the IRA. So it would be impossible for Sadie ( Protestant) and Kevin ( Catholic) to go out. The book is about them trying to make it work and the consequences they face.
As a reader, I was intrigued to read this because this dilema could easily happen. It happened to my mum ( she's irish) and my Grandma said if she married the Catholic she was going out with at the time she would not go to the wedding. They did break up.
Anyhoo , at times in the story you thought that their relationship would keep going and no complications but then a bombshell ( well , actually a bomb) would drop. There were sorrowful moments and perfectly romantic ones too. The story is relatableand it carries on throught . There was never a point where I was bored. It wasnt a hard book to read either :)
Overall, I am SO glad I got to read this, I would highly recommend it to teens and adults because the story is touching. It covers violence, murder, love, hope, family , freindship and differences.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Childhood over - Disney Stars Gone wrong

I was surfing the web, as you do , and I stumbled accros an article about child stars gone wrong. This almost breaks my heart, coz little girls role models could of been in jail for drugs or have naked pics if them online. Lets take a look at the stars gone bad.

Miley Cyrus - Well The 'Can't be Tamed ' music video says it all. That was before the new hair. Also her infamous pole dance at the teen choice awards.
Vannessa Hudgens- this one surprised me. I knew she was inthe film ' Spring Breakers' but I didnt know naked pics of her leaked online. Bye HSM!!
Britanny Spears -  I actually didnt know she was a disney star! I am SO out of it! Haha anyways since around 2002 things went downhill. No longer a Mickey Mouse Clubber eh? But to be fair, she has got herself back on track .

Demi Lovato- I found this one hard to write, coz I do admire Demi. Demi suffered bulima and self harm problems. She was always very self concious. She also suffered drug and alchol problems ehich I didnt know.
Miley Cyrus - A video of the star leaked of her smoking pot. Whoops.....
Macaulay Culkin - this guy is the home alone 1 star. Search him on google images an d now he looks like a freak. He has not admitted to drug problems but being a millionare at the age of 12 cannot be good. 
 Yeah they are the same people... Hes only 31 :( 

Mitchell Musso - this guy played oliver in hannah montanna. He was caught out drunk driving underage 
Mathew Underwood - this guy was the surfer dude in Zoey 101. He was arrested for sleeping with an underage girl and supplying her with cannabis 

where do I begin! Poor lilo, I used to love her ! There has been all of the above, alchol, drugs, nudity, plastic surgery, rehab, arrested and all on numerous accounts! 

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is NEXT WEEK(eeeeeeeeep!) so here is my wish list of what i want! 
 Theres are just random pics of what I want. I will do a hail of my June favourites including some things I got ( hopefully) 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Cool Teenage Bedrooms

My room got redecortated about a year ago to have a room which matches my age. So if you are designing your room here are some tips.

Two colours look really good together. I have matching colours but constrasting colours give the room a bold, modern feel.
Matching colours: cream and purple
Pink and green
Contrasting colours
Orange and purple
Red and yellow.

If you want crazy patterns on your furniture I would go for crisp, white walls.
Also wallpaper looks pretty cool if you have one wall covered in it.

Plan a mood board of all the swatches that you want
Make sure it matches!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Shower products I love.

I just got out of the shower and it really made me want to tell you what my favourite products are 

Shower gel- nivea pearl and beauty shower cream
This I love for the smoothness and the creamyness. The smell is good but the actual product is so moisturising. I used to love The Body Shop shower gels but they made my skin feel tight but they had a good smell. 

Mark hill does it all shampoo 
I tried this because I was going on holiday and picked up the mini version. This stuff is AMAZE it makes your hair feel PERFECT. Again not the best smell but I love love love! 
Herbal essences dazzling shine shampoo 
I used to like this a lot but it is not the most consistent shampoo. You cannot dry your hair quickly using this shampoo and expect good results like you can from mark hill but the smell is lovely and if you do blow dry your hair, it is so silky! 

Mark hill all you ever need conditioner 
Just like the shampoo, a great conditioner! Also great to apply to dry hair and then wash . 
Naked Blonde conditioner 
I am currently using the shampoo and conditioner by naked blonde amd I am seeing some results! The aim of this collection is to lighten blonde hair and I feel like the conditioner is worth more than the shampoo. It is more like a hair mask than a conditioner. But the range has a chemical like smell which is not very natural :( 

Hair mask
l'Oreal  elvive hair mask 
This product is just fantastic. It repairs your hair in everyway possible , I cannot fault it. 
*** a hair mask is a strong conditioner you use once a week and you leave it in for longer than conditioner 

Body Butter 
Hollister Laguna beach body cream
This has the best Smell ever! But for quality the cream makes you sticky for at least 5mins after applying. HOLLISTER MAKE THIS A SHOWER GEL!
Body shop mango and papaya body butter
I love this! It takes 2mins to dry and has the most refreshing scent ever! If you never go to a body shop , please do and just smell ALL their products! Mmmmm

Hope you enjoyed this! Xxxx

Saturday, 15 June 2013

15 favourites!

Oh It would HAVE to be orange! I love how bold and bright it is! 
Mine of course! ( or zoella ) 
Fifteen by taylor swift
Little mix! Or revamp (my band ) #revampmusic
Mean girls <3
How to keep a boy as a pet
Well boys then! Either dog or guinea pig
Ooh superdry, h&m or topshop.....
No7 or sleek 
Gonna be boring and say my primark eyelash curler. Its an essential
Avril lavigne 
Taylor swift or ed sheeran. They would be a PERFECT couple.
Yahoo omg
Costa creamy cooler