Sunday, 16 June 2013

Shower products I love.

I just got out of the shower and it really made me want to tell you what my favourite products are 

Shower gel- nivea pearl and beauty shower cream
This I love for the smoothness and the creamyness. The smell is good but the actual product is so moisturising. I used to love The Body Shop shower gels but they made my skin feel tight but they had a good smell. 

Mark hill does it all shampoo 
I tried this because I was going on holiday and picked up the mini version. This stuff is AMAZE it makes your hair feel PERFECT. Again not the best smell but I love love love! 
Herbal essences dazzling shine shampoo 
I used to like this a lot but it is not the most consistent shampoo. You cannot dry your hair quickly using this shampoo and expect good results like you can from mark hill but the smell is lovely and if you do blow dry your hair, it is so silky! 

Mark hill all you ever need conditioner 
Just like the shampoo, a great conditioner! Also great to apply to dry hair and then wash . 
Naked Blonde conditioner 
I am currently using the shampoo and conditioner by naked blonde amd I am seeing some results! The aim of this collection is to lighten blonde hair and I feel like the conditioner is worth more than the shampoo. It is more like a hair mask than a conditioner. But the range has a chemical like smell which is not very natural :( 

Hair mask
l'Oreal  elvive hair mask 
This product is just fantastic. It repairs your hair in everyway possible , I cannot fault it. 
*** a hair mask is a strong conditioner you use once a week and you leave it in for longer than conditioner 

Body Butter 
Hollister Laguna beach body cream
This has the best Smell ever! But for quality the cream makes you sticky for at least 5mins after applying. HOLLISTER MAKE THIS A SHOWER GEL!
Body shop mango and papaya body butter
I love this! It takes 2mins to dry and has the most refreshing scent ever! If you never go to a body shop , please do and just smell ALL their products! Mmmmm

Hope you enjoyed this! Xxxx

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