Monday, 29 July 2013

Blog challenge #day12

Sorry I have only done blog challenges for two days in a row, I am doing a summer course and we are performing the musical fame , and I got cast as a main role ( Carmen if your interested) so this week I will be learning lines/ sons/ dance moves. I also will not be posting tomorrow, so sorry! 

I used to think phoebe was a special name so I was always really bummed when I met someone with the same name! 
I get nicknamed phoebs ( but you know that) and I prefer that to phoebe. 
Phoebe means 'the shining one' so thats pretty cool! 

So I do not agree with the second bottom statement - not really me to analyse things! 

I do not think we should judge people by names - people assume if you are called Charles or Ophelia ( or anything along those lines) you are automatically upper class and posh and that is not the case. Another one is Sarah- sarah can be assumed as a boring person but she might be the most interesting person ever. These are just examples :) 
Hope you enjoyed the post and sorry for the lack of!xxx 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Blog Challenge #day11 ( and my day)

Yes, today was supposed to be day 10, but I love all my clothes I could not pick one thing! So here is day 11 :) 
I did a post on this fairly recently, and here is the link to that 

Other than that there is not much to say on this day! ( ooh that kind of rhymed!)  
Today I woke up with EXTREMELY itchy eyes , when I looked in the mirror, they were very red! 
 ( not nearly as bad as before) thats why I have not 
Posted a makeup tutorial coz my eyes were so sore! Next I had breakfast  ( choc  chip weetabix, toast and orange 
juice) then I went upstairs to read , but I fell asleep again! So I woke up again at quarter to 11. I got changed 
( leggins and baggy tee, I didnt think you needed to see aha) and watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians . 
Now if you watch the Kardashians, you will know once you get into watching it, your hooked . I watched one 
episode a while back and I started it thinking it was stupid, then ended by being pleasantly surprised by the show.
Anyways after I watched it I had lunch ( quiche and salad) and a lot of my afternoon was spent social networking 
Or on youtube. At one point I got so bored I tried to do a lip look using blue eye shadow... Ermm yeah...... 
I had dinner ( risotto) and afterwards I walked the dog. I love just going round the roads walking my dog. It is 
very refreshing and I love just being on my own with the dog for company. With any pet people have a personal bond 
with the, but with dogs it is different. 
I had a bit of a boring day but I wanted to just sit back and write an easy post that I thought you might enjoy. 
Night xxxxxxx   
 To get you all feeling summery! 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Camp David Book Review

Sorry I have not posted today, I didn't want to post all my ideas for my blog and then run out. Also I was traveling home today so I felt a bit tired haha. 
       I did a book review a while back and I think ( well, hope) you enjoyed it so I'm doing another one. Camp David is David Walliams' Autobiography. I was keen to read this , as I had heard lots of comedians autobiographies were interesting and funny ( Miranda Hart, Michael Mccintyre) . Unfortunately , Walliams' is not written in a funny way.  I assumed it would be because David is funny in and out of character ( for example Rowan Atkinson is hilarious whilst acting, but serious in interviews) . 
        The book goes from Walliams' childhood right til after the 1st series of Little Britain was released. It discusses family troubles, being uncool and 'gay' at school, sexual experiences , uni life,   Struggling as an actor, meeting Matt Lucas, writing for tv shows, previous tv shows before little Britain , suicide attempts ,  being in a clinic, ex girlfriends and finally Little Britain.  In my opinion it is quite a depressing book! There is never a time where something sad has happened. Obviously I feel for David and its awful everything he thought, but it put me in a sad, heavy mood every time I stopped reading it. 
     The book includes Davids old Diary entries of at the time of events in the book. That is an interesting twist but I got bored after reading a paragraph of one so whenever one came up, I skipped it. 
      There are pages of the book which just describe him feeling suicidal, being depressed, how life was ' a black hole' and like I said, its so upsetting he felt like this but I wanted to read this as some light hearted account! 
       I am sorry to say but I did not enjoy this book at all. If you , like I did, are expecting a funny take on Mr Walliams life , you will be unpleasantly surprised! There is the odd joke and some parts of the book are interesting to know, but it is still a heavy book to read. If you are a die hard Little Britain/David Walliams/Come Fly With Me fan then ( you have probably already read it ha) you might want to read this book , but if, like me, you find both shows funny and you like David Walliams, you might find it interesting, but you will not necessarily enjoy the book. Sorry David , but no :( 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found the review useful. Obviously if you disagree, thats cool! Also my second post on Onys blog went up, be sure to check them out!   
Byeeeee xxx

Friday, 26 July 2013

What is in my travel makeup bag?

I have been enjoying writing beauty posts at the moment , so here is another one! I will, of course, still be doing all sorts of posts so if beauty is not your thing, do not worry! :) 
 This is the collection. The bag is from primark . 
 This is inside the 'How to Look the Best at Everything ' kit ( shown above) by benefit. This is amazing it makes my skin look flawless. It does not feel heavy or cakey. In the morning I apply the Pore fessional and the boi ing (concealer)  . In the evening I just apply the powder over the top and as its summer, I have not used the foundation that much. 

 This is the benefit smokey eye kit and brow kit. I can create lots of looks with this that I am keen to show you. 

( products from left to right) boujours pastel lumiere pearl eyeshadow, 17 blush brush, benefit 'they're real' mascara, n.o7 high shine lip crayon, barry m glitter Khol pencil, lancome Le Crayon Khol in 02 Brun, L'Oreal Careese rouge lipstick in 03 lovely rose. 
 ( bottom to top) boujour eyeshadow, L'Oreal lipstick, N.o7 high shine lip crayon. 

Hope you enjoyed :) xxxxxx



My outfits

 Dress, topshop
 Vest, hollister. Skirt, new look
 Cardi, h&m. Top, new look. High waisted shorts, tammy bhs. 

A few outfits I am loving for summer. The dress I team with my leather jacket and bright pink flops. I love accessorising one piece to make it really You. I also stack up bracelets with  this. The vest and skirt can be a day and night look, I change my makeup and shoes when I am feeling lazy , to do this. 
The top, shorts and cardi is a chilled out look. I love the tie at the bottom of the top. 


Thursday, 25 July 2013

I <3 Drugstore makeup!

I have been busy writing makeup posts for my guest posts on Ony's blog, that I haven't done many on my actual blog! I do not have all my makeup at the moment so I could not do a tutorial. Also I dont like piling all my makeup on in summer. I will be doing more tutorials though! Then I thought about doing a review but I have not purchased anything recently that I desperately want to recommend/not recommend. But I remembered the I<3 drugstore makeup tag on youtube, so I found the questions and here we go! 

1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand overall?   
Ooh thats hard.   I like different brands for different things :) 

2. What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products?
Face- Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream
Cheek- I do not really wear blush but the sleek pallets look gorgeous! 
Lip- L'Oreal Careese Rouge Lipstick ( in 03 lovely rose) 

3. Least favorite product?   
Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser. It was an awful colour ( only one colour) and it was not moisturising. 
4. What is the best makeup bargain? 
I suppose this isn't makeup but the Rimmel Nail Varnishes. They have a variety of colours, easy to apply and it stays on! 

5. What is your favorite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)
Nothing I use is overlooked as such but the 17 eyeliner pencils are only slightly worse than my benefit ones.
6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?
L'Oreal lipgloss is very overpriced. You can get some at natural collection for £2 ! And its good! 
7. Show your best drugstore dupe(s)!!
The 17 pink eyeshadow is very similar to the benefit pink eyeshadow ( in the smokey eye kit). They both have a lovely shimmer! 

8. Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype? 
Rimmel wake me up foundation. Some people say its as good as high end brands but it really is not. It is very light coverage but not very blendable. I do not understand the fuss over it! 

Blog Challenge #day8

I have two bits of song lyrics I want to share . One song is very unknown , unless you watched the film Angus , Thongs and Perfect Snogging . It is the show , by Lenka . ' I'm just a little girl lost in the moment, I'm so scared but I don't show it' being a teen, sometimes I just want to hide away and be a small child with everything done for me. It just always catches my eye. 
Now for a more well known song is Read all about it  , by Emeli Sande. 'If no one ever hears you how we gonna learn your song' This lyrics ( well the whole song) keeps me feeling inspired and makes sure I do not give up. Bit deep, I know but hey ho ! 
 My music! X 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ways to wear a sarong

I was a bit chilly today walking by the sea with the sea breeze . I stupidly decided to put on my bikini as soon as I got there. But luckily my mum lent me her sarong and I knew I had to do a post on ways to wear it! 
Look1 : to keep your arms warm! 
Put the sarong on as a cape. 
Try to get your arms out of the cape like so. 
Ta da! 

Look2 : shawl 
 Put the Sarong over your shoulders like a scarf then stretch out the back bit. 
 To add to this look, tie the 2 ends like so. (I know mine is uneven , I was in a rush sorry ). 

Look3: Strapless top 
Put the sarong landscape ,as it were and fold it to the right length ( I folded mine in half ) for a tshirt. Wrap it round you. 
 Tshirt! ( it would look better, well obviously, with a bikini top underneath not my top! )  
 I tied my top at the back, but you could tie it anywhere. 

Look4: skirt 
You could have the skirt any length so once  the sarong landscape , fold it to the designated length ( i did a mini skirt) 
 Again, like the top , you can tie the skirt anywhere but make sure you pull the sarong out where it looks uneven. Tied  at the back would not be recommended coz it shows your bum more often than not! But if you are in swimming gear its fine. 
From the side 

Look5 : the dress 
This is great for a cover up when going for lunch on the beach/ by the pool . 
Hold the sarong out behind you and wrap round you then tuck in the end piece. 

Look6 : Toga
Start with the same steps as making the dress but instead of tucking the end bit in the dress, leave a large bit leftover and tuck it at the back ( so it starts at the front and ends at the back) 

These all took about 5mins and are perfect for summer.
:) xxxxx 

Blog challenge # day7

So I am not doing my celeb crushes coz I sorta include that in the post on who attracts me. And I either like them coz they are FIT, or good at what they do. This post is how I have changed in the past five years. 
Five years ago I would of been 8 or 9 . In the past five years I have changed my outlook on things. My junior school was sport obsessed. Then when I auditioned for the annual school musical when I was 11, I caught the bug. I fell in LOVE with acting and singing. I started to realise that although sport was THE THING,  I enjoyed other things. This might sound weird but when I was younger I was more self conscious. I though my ears were too large, eyebrows too bushy , nose too big and teeth too wonky. 
I  seemed to think very little of myself. To me now that seems very odd because now I am relatively confident ( but not cocky.) . I think that happened when I went to senior school. At the primary school there were 14 girls in the year so it was obviously quite hard to have friends exactly like you.  Now I am at an all girl senior school, I have a group of friends all like me , and we can all relate to each other. I was careful what I said when I was younger. Over the past five years I have realised some things are not important in the grand scheme of things and there will always be some downs as well as ups. I know to judge character before I trust them and to be myself and be happy with myself. I do things I want to do. I do not follow trends if I do not enjoy them . 

 Lookswise I look the same just older, taller and more spotty ( sigh ) 

Just a few tips if you are self conscious: 
Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself all the things you like about yourself
Go clothes  shopping to wear what you feel best in. 
Do not treat makeup as a mask to cover your worst features. Use it to enhance your best. 
What you hate someone else might love. 
If one person gives you a mean comment- So what? Two people, for example, might compliment you. 
Hope this helps 

Friendship tips :  
Do not do anything you do not want to do. 
If your friend is being mean , ask yourself - is she/he a friend you want to keep? 
Be yourself , otherwise you might make friends with people who do not truly know you 
Do activities you love or want to try , coz you might meet people with your interests there 

Byeeee x  

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My blog so far

I just wanted to do a quickie post on blogging / why I blog / what I have learnt etc . 

I started my blog in april( or maybe may) and I wanted this blog to be a fashion blog with pictures of outfits and photography things. I soon realised this would be hard because I didnt want to make a big thing out of my blog and spend time taking photos in the garden and hogging the family computer ( I do my posts on an ipad) so I didnt use the blog and I sort of forgot. Then when I felt bad about not using my tumblr ( I dont know why coz I doubt anyone reads it) I wanted to start a new blog and I remembered  this one. Therefore I was back on blogging :) 
I still do not know why I started blogging! I had a blog which was all to do with younger girls clothes and disney ( I wanted to do it like a magazine because thats all I really knew) I thought it would be cool to have a blog. Anyways back to geek chic notes. I liked the thought of people enjoying my writing and commenting and having the same interests at me . 

One of the things I love about blogs are the names. They really interest me. Why do people chose them? How? When I read other comments on blogs with links to their blogs, I only go on the blogs with interesting names that catch my eye . Geek Chic Notes came about coz I thought it sounded fun, interesting and its almost good it doesnt give anything away. If I called it makeup tips then decided I wanted a lifestyle blog, it might lose readers . With this I can change it up. 

I have learnt from this blog that its not all about readers/followers. I would rather write how I want to and have one nice comment, than write like someone else and have one hundred comments . I obviously would like more followers but if six is as good as it gets, thats fine. I read other blogs and I suppose you could say I have made internet friends with some people just coz we share the same interests. 

Starting a blog is a great thing to do to share your thoughts with the world, try writing, enjoy your hobby more and read other peoples blogs with their opinion on the same topics. 

Once more, thanks for commenting, following and just reading , I really enjoy knowing people do read this! :) xxxx 

Monday, 22 July 2013

why I want a new phone

Hello, sorry I have been away so long! I was on holiday and I thought I posted my bday haul before I went, but it did not go through.... 
Now on topic. I have a blackberry curve 9320 and my contract runs out next year ( the phone was a birthday present last year) . At the time I was DESPERATE for a blackberry coz I had a crappy 20 quid phone and everyone had bbm. If blackberries didnt have bbm I do not think I would of got one. 
So I got the phone at the end of june and by september the phone had crashed completely and it had an error message. Then I got a replacement and all was well ( it would still freeze randomly or be very slow or not deliver texts but you know ) until about April this year when the blackberry would start to randomly freeze and restart. This was liveable for a while but it started to do this EVERY DAY then more than once a day and now it has gotten to the point where it freezes whilst it is restarting and has to load all over again . I am not too upset though. The problem is, I got my blackberry quite late so everyone was already mid way through their contract. Everyones contracts are now running out and instead of getting newer blackberries ( which would mean for me bbm is still useful) they are getting iphones or samsungs or a different type of smartphone. So I am stuck with this rubbish blackberry and no one even uses bbm. Whatsapp is pretty popular but my phone freezes when I try and use it.  I will not be getting another blackberry after this! 

So long! Xxx 
 The phone of death :( 
 Funny , it just restarted! 


This haul does not include clothes because I packed them for my holiday :(  These are my top 10 prezzies . 

Friday, 12 July 2013


This look is incredibly easy to do. So do your base coat then add the green ( limited edition, barry m) I did one coat of three brushes, but it looks very see- through so to get it the bright colour that I got I dabbed it on for two coats. Then wait for this to dry ( i waited 10 mins) then add this urban nails topcoat. I got this in a set for my birthday ( it came with  a red colour) so look out for that. Just apply it like normal nail varnish and it comes out perfect. That is literally it! You can use this top coat to spice up any nail look! 

Blog challenge #day4

I feel like the whole point of this challenge is to blog EVERY day , but I am unreliable so I will do as I please :) 
The first five songs when I put my ipod on shuffle were : Bang Bang - 
We'll be coming back - calvin harris and example
Dear Darlin' - Olly Murs
My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne ( LOVE LOVE LOVE HER ) 
Fifteen - taylor swift. 

:) all great songs, I would highly recommend them! 

Monday, 8 July 2013

20day blog challenge #day2

So I thought I uploaded this yesterday, but it didn't work so sorry! As some of the blog challenge posts are long, I will only be doing them but if some are short , I will do my bday haul as well on the same day! X 
What kind of person attracts me....... Hmmmm this is tough. In looks it cook be anyone who has quite defined features but my normal criteria is : Great eyes, taller than me and a nice smile.  Do not judge me on the taller than me one but I find it weird when the guy is shorter than the girl. 
Personality - they have to have my sense of humour, be relatively confident around me, romantic, be gentle and supportive of me. 
In other little things they cant go days without replying to my texts, they cant play hard to get , they cant flirt with other girls. I will just get bored or worried!
I am attracted to someone who likes me for my personality. They can be a bit of a flirt , but with me. The person has to have something that sparks me. I dont know what but I have to be interested. 
I dont really know if my taste is pretty typical but hey ho , at least you know ( yay that rhymed) 
Au revoir! xx

 ( conor from waterloo road!) 
Top 3 guys r fitties, bottom 3 I dont think are fit. Sorry if you disagree :( 
( zac efron. He is LUSH) 

 ( robert pattinson...... LOVE HIM) 

 I dont understand the fuss about Daniel Radcliffe 

 Hes not my cuppa 
 Im sorry, I love the wanted but ...... 

( dont know why the writing is red..... Oops!)