Monday, 8 July 2013

20day blog challenge #day2

So I thought I uploaded this yesterday, but it didn't work so sorry! As some of the blog challenge posts are long, I will only be doing them but if some are short , I will do my bday haul as well on the same day! X 
What kind of person attracts me....... Hmmmm this is tough. In looks it cook be anyone who has quite defined features but my normal criteria is : Great eyes, taller than me and a nice smile.  Do not judge me on the taller than me one but I find it weird when the guy is shorter than the girl. 
Personality - they have to have my sense of humour, be relatively confident around me, romantic, be gentle and supportive of me. 
In other little things they cant go days without replying to my texts, they cant play hard to get , they cant flirt with other girls. I will just get bored or worried!
I am attracted to someone who likes me for my personality. They can be a bit of a flirt , but with me. The person has to have something that sparks me. I dont know what but I have to be interested. 
I dont really know if my taste is pretty typical but hey ho , at least you know ( yay that rhymed) 
Au revoir! xx

 ( conor from waterloo road!) 
Top 3 guys r fitties, bottom 3 I dont think are fit. Sorry if you disagree :( 
( zac efron. He is LUSH) 

 ( robert pattinson...... LOVE HIM) 

 I dont understand the fuss about Daniel Radcliffe 

 Hes not my cuppa 
 Im sorry, I love the wanted but ...... 

( dont know why the writing is red..... Oops!) 


  1. Haha "has to be taller than me", fun enough I wrote that as mine too! But I'm a gnome so I actually don't ever have to worry about that -..-

    1. I am glad there are others who think the same :P sometimes, being smaller is a good thing!x thanks for following xxx

  2. who doesn't love a bit of zac & rpatz! I once touched his face! x

    1. They are so hot! Wow you met rpatz? Thats cool x


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