Sunday, 28 July 2013

Blog Challenge #day11 ( and my day)

Yes, today was supposed to be day 10, but I love all my clothes I could not pick one thing! So here is day 11 :) 
I did a post on this fairly recently, and here is the link to that 

Other than that there is not much to say on this day! ( ooh that kind of rhymed!)  
Today I woke up with EXTREMELY itchy eyes , when I looked in the mirror, they were very red! 
 ( not nearly as bad as before) thats why I have not 
Posted a makeup tutorial coz my eyes were so sore! Next I had breakfast  ( choc  chip weetabix, toast and orange 
juice) then I went upstairs to read , but I fell asleep again! So I woke up again at quarter to 11. I got changed 
( leggins and baggy tee, I didnt think you needed to see aha) and watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians . 
Now if you watch the Kardashians, you will know once you get into watching it, your hooked . I watched one 
episode a while back and I started it thinking it was stupid, then ended by being pleasantly surprised by the show.
Anyways after I watched it I had lunch ( quiche and salad) and a lot of my afternoon was spent social networking 
Or on youtube. At one point I got so bored I tried to do a lip look using blue eye shadow... Ermm yeah...... 
I had dinner ( risotto) and afterwards I walked the dog. I love just going round the roads walking my dog. It is 
very refreshing and I love just being on my own with the dog for company. With any pet people have a personal bond 
with the, but with dogs it is different. 
I had a bit of a boring day but I wanted to just sit back and write an easy post that I thought you might enjoy. 
Night xxxxxxx   
 To get you all feeling summery! 

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