Monday, 29 July 2013

Blog challenge #day12

Sorry I have only done blog challenges for two days in a row, I am doing a summer course and we are performing the musical fame , and I got cast as a main role ( Carmen if your interested) so this week I will be learning lines/ sons/ dance moves. I also will not be posting tomorrow, so sorry! 

I used to think phoebe was a special name so I was always really bummed when I met someone with the same name! 
I get nicknamed phoebs ( but you know that) and I prefer that to phoebe. 
Phoebe means 'the shining one' so thats pretty cool! 

So I do not agree with the second bottom statement - not really me to analyse things! 

I do not think we should judge people by names - people assume if you are called Charles or Ophelia ( or anything along those lines) you are automatically upper class and posh and that is not the case. Another one is Sarah- sarah can be assumed as a boring person but she might be the most interesting person ever. These are just examples :) 
Hope you enjoyed the post and sorry for the lack of!xxx 

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