Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Blog challenge # day7

So I am not doing my celeb crushes coz I sorta include that in the post on who attracts me. And I either like them coz they are FIT, or good at what they do. This post is how I have changed in the past five years. 
Five years ago I would of been 8 or 9 . In the past five years I have changed my outlook on things. My junior school was sport obsessed. Then when I auditioned for the annual school musical when I was 11, I caught the bug. I fell in LOVE with acting and singing. I started to realise that although sport was THE THING,  I enjoyed other things. This might sound weird but when I was younger I was more self conscious. I though my ears were too large, eyebrows too bushy , nose too big and teeth too wonky. 
I  seemed to think very little of myself. To me now that seems very odd because now I am relatively confident ( but not cocky.) . I think that happened when I went to senior school. At the primary school there were 14 girls in the year so it was obviously quite hard to have friends exactly like you.  Now I am at an all girl senior school, I have a group of friends all like me , and we can all relate to each other. I was careful what I said when I was younger. Over the past five years I have realised some things are not important in the grand scheme of things and there will always be some downs as well as ups. I know to judge character before I trust them and to be myself and be happy with myself. I do things I want to do. I do not follow trends if I do not enjoy them . 

 Lookswise I look the same just older, taller and more spotty ( sigh ) 

Just a few tips if you are self conscious: 
Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself all the things you like about yourself
Go clothes  shopping to wear what you feel best in. 
Do not treat makeup as a mask to cover your worst features. Use it to enhance your best. 
What you hate someone else might love. 
If one person gives you a mean comment- So what? Two people, for example, might compliment you. 
Hope this helps 

Friendship tips :  
Do not do anything you do not want to do. 
If your friend is being mean , ask yourself - is she/he a friend you want to keep? 
Be yourself , otherwise you might make friends with people who do not truly know you 
Do activities you love or want to try , coz you might meet people with your interests there 

Byeeee x  


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