Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My blog so far

I just wanted to do a quickie post on blogging / why I blog / what I have learnt etc . 

I started my blog in april( or maybe may) and I wanted this blog to be a fashion blog with pictures of outfits and photography things. I soon realised this would be hard because I didnt want to make a big thing out of my blog and spend time taking photos in the garden and hogging the family computer ( I do my posts on an ipad) so I didnt use the blog and I sort of forgot. Then when I felt bad about not using my tumblr ( I dont know why coz I doubt anyone reads it) I wanted to start a new blog and I remembered  this one. Therefore I was back on blogging :) 
I still do not know why I started blogging! I had a blog which was all to do with younger girls clothes and disney ( I wanted to do it like a magazine because thats all I really knew) I thought it would be cool to have a blog. Anyways back to geek chic notes. I liked the thought of people enjoying my writing and commenting and having the same interests at me . 

One of the things I love about blogs are the names. They really interest me. Why do people chose them? How? When I read other comments on blogs with links to their blogs, I only go on the blogs with interesting names that catch my eye . Geek Chic Notes came about coz I thought it sounded fun, interesting and its almost good it doesnt give anything away. If I called it makeup tips then decided I wanted a lifestyle blog, it might lose readers . With this I can change it up. 

I have learnt from this blog that its not all about readers/followers. I would rather write how I want to and have one nice comment, than write like someone else and have one hundred comments . I obviously would like more followers but if six is as good as it gets, thats fine. I read other blogs and I suppose you could say I have made internet friends with some people just coz we share the same interests. 

Starting a blog is a great thing to do to share your thoughts with the world, try writing, enjoy your hobby more and read other peoples blogs with their opinion on the same topics. 

Once more, thanks for commenting, following and just reading , I really enjoy knowing people do read this! :) xxxx 


  1. It's true, blogging is something personal and you just have to do what you want and forget the rest ♥

    1. Exactly ! I do not want people to get a different view of me . I write things I would want to read myself x


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