Friday, 12 July 2013


This look is incredibly easy to do. So do your base coat then add the green ( limited edition, barry m) I did one coat of three brushes, but it looks very see- through so to get it the bright colour that I got I dabbed it on for two coats. Then wait for this to dry ( i waited 10 mins) then add this urban nails topcoat. I got this in a set for my birthday ( it came with  a red colour) so look out for that. Just apply it like normal nail varnish and it comes out perfect. That is literally it! You can use this top coat to spice up any nail look! 


  1. Wow even the bottle cap of the green colour is cute! ♥

    1. It is, I love the barry m range, they are great for bright and pastel colours :) xxx


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