Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ways to wear a sarong

I was a bit chilly today walking by the sea with the sea breeze . I stupidly decided to put on my bikini as soon as I got there. But luckily my mum lent me her sarong and I knew I had to do a post on ways to wear it! 
Look1 : to keep your arms warm! 
Put the sarong on as a cape. 
Try to get your arms out of the cape like so. 
Ta da! 

Look2 : shawl 
 Put the Sarong over your shoulders like a scarf then stretch out the back bit. 
 To add to this look, tie the 2 ends like so. (I know mine is uneven , I was in a rush sorry ). 

Look3: Strapless top 
Put the sarong landscape ,as it were and fold it to the right length ( I folded mine in half ) for a tshirt. Wrap it round you. 
 Tshirt! ( it would look better, well obviously, with a bikini top underneath not my top! )  
 I tied my top at the back, but you could tie it anywhere. 

Look4: skirt 
You could have the skirt any length so once  the sarong landscape , fold it to the designated length ( i did a mini skirt) 
 Again, like the top , you can tie the skirt anywhere but make sure you pull the sarong out where it looks uneven. Tied  at the back would not be recommended coz it shows your bum more often than not! But if you are in swimming gear its fine. 
From the side 

Look5 : the dress 
This is great for a cover up when going for lunch on the beach/ by the pool . 
Hold the sarong out behind you and wrap round you then tuck in the end piece. 

Look6 : Toga
Start with the same steps as making the dress but instead of tucking the end bit in the dress, leave a large bit leftover and tuck it at the back ( so it starts at the front and ends at the back) 

These all took about 5mins and are perfect for summer.
:) xxxxx 


  1. Love this post! I don't have a sarong, but my mum does and I can always borrow it :)

    1. Thank you, I wouldn't wear one either, but I love how you can do so many things with it! Perfect for the beach :)


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