Monday, 22 July 2013

why I want a new phone

Hello, sorry I have been away so long! I was on holiday and I thought I posted my bday haul before I went, but it did not go through.... 
Now on topic. I have a blackberry curve 9320 and my contract runs out next year ( the phone was a birthday present last year) . At the time I was DESPERATE for a blackberry coz I had a crappy 20 quid phone and everyone had bbm. If blackberries didnt have bbm I do not think I would of got one. 
So I got the phone at the end of june and by september the phone had crashed completely and it had an error message. Then I got a replacement and all was well ( it would still freeze randomly or be very slow or not deliver texts but you know ) until about April this year when the blackberry would start to randomly freeze and restart. This was liveable for a while but it started to do this EVERY DAY then more than once a day and now it has gotten to the point where it freezes whilst it is restarting and has to load all over again . I am not too upset though. The problem is, I got my blackberry quite late so everyone was already mid way through their contract. Everyones contracts are now running out and instead of getting newer blackberries ( which would mean for me bbm is still useful) they are getting iphones or samsungs or a different type of smartphone. So I am stuck with this rubbish blackberry and no one even uses bbm. Whatsapp is pretty popular but my phone freezes when I try and use it.  I will not be getting another blackberry after this! 

So long! Xxx 
 The phone of death :( 
 Funny , it just restarted! 

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