Saturday, 31 August 2013

Bloggers week! Leah

Hello Beauties!
The next instalment of JOALLAP bloggers week by leah :)

It's MY Day MY DAY, the day right after Friday! (J.O.A.L.L.A.P)

So today is my day to introduce myself for the J.O.A.L.L.A.P collaboration blog. You really want to know who I am?* Comes closer and whispers* "I'm Colonel mustard in the study, with a revolver." Don't believe me? Go check your study, and if you don't have a study...well this is just your lucky day because you live to learn a little more about me!

See that up there^^^first thing you should know about me, I have a very odd sense of humor. Not many people think I'm funny, but my six year old brother likes my jokes so hey, 

(I've actually seen that episode of yogabbagabba. It was kinda life changing;)

Anyways, my blogging alias is Leah Lotus. Only my blogger J.o.a.l.l.a.p buddies know my real name and I plan on keeping it that way. Also, I just realized every reference I've made so far has made it look like I'm a guy who just so happens to have a female alias. Sorry about that, I am a female. Now, I'd like to sit here and talk about myself but if I did that, I'd end up giving you an entire essay, I decided I'd spare you today so I'll list some thangs off.

The basics:
~5'9-5'10-I'm a tall girl who's employed in the art of turning off ceiling lights for people and squashing children beneath my Sasquatch feet.
~born dec 14 
~i like presents on special days *wink
~birthdays *cough wink*
~I've always dreamed that someday some random blog reader would buy me a giraffe *cough wink wink wink*

2. I'm a  writer!
~Writing makes up majority of my life. Seriously.

3. I'm a singer!
~ Not to toot my own horn but my neighbors once compared my voice to the sound his wife made while giving birth to triplets. Childbirth, such a beautiful thing, kinda like my voice  ;)
4. I'm a grammar natzi's worse nightmare.
~Which is ironic because I'm a writer.
Wat U GAt A pr0bl3m wit meh writN lik3 dizz?!

5.I love fashion and clothes and all that tasty stuff. 
~Shopping makes me happy. Really happy.

6. I love all music but my top is definitely different genres of rock. Papa Roach is my all time favorite band :)

7. I probbaly should have done this one first but anyways. I LOOOOOVVVVEE JESUS! Woot woot! 

Well that's it folks! I hope to see you all check out the new blog with these lovely girls and myself! :)

Ta ta!xxxxx

Friday, 30 August 2013

Bloggers Week! Me :)

Hello Beauties!
So as part of the Joallap Collab week, I am posting today! Whoop! If you do not know about the Joallap Collab, I will link the 1st post where I explained it at the bottom. 

A big part of who I am is music. To my friends, I have a very weird music taste. They all just like music off the charts, and anything else was deemed uncool. I used to just like chart music, and some of it I do like, but I developed my own 'unique' taste when I was about 9 and my dad bought me the ellie goulding bright lights album for my ipod . I used to just listen to Starry Eyed but then I started to prefer her other songs on the album. Right now I am listening to Guns And Horses from that album haha.

So whatever my dad downloaded, I would find a song I liked and listen to it all day. For example my dad got the take that album and I listened to SOS for EVER. Then he liked florence and the machine, so did I. I carried on until I got my own itunes account.

So heard Skater Boi on the radio and I searched it on youtube to listen to then after I heard the song I clicked on all the other songs by Avril Lavigne and downloaded the ones I liked best. Same with Lily Allen . I do like some current songs, and I am into rap, but I had heard Drinking From The Bottle before it was on the charts. So I was quite proud when I was with my friends in the car and it came on after it was just released and I knew all the words. :) 

 My music taste definitely shows my personality. It shows I am not afraid to be different ( listening to songs not on the charts, I can be really upbeat ( rap) I can show my true feelings easily (Lily Allen) and I have a deeper side ( Avril Lavigne. Listen to My Happy Ending, its deep k .) Obviously it some ways it doesnt. And I do listen to other artists. 

So please, do not do something to fit in. Be yourself, and do your thing. Who cares if you listen to rock music, have a whacky fashion sense or only read classical books. IT. DOESNT. MATTER. People should like you for you on the inside, your personality, rather than what you do/dont do. If they do judge you like this, they are not worth knowing. 

Friday Night - Lily Allen
Guns and Horses - Ellie Goulding
My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne 
Fifteen - Taylor Swift 
Who Am I living For - Katy Perry

Hope you enjoyed my take on the theme 'You ' for Joallap Bloggers week. 
LINK to explain J.O.A.L.L.A.P

Ta ta!xxxxxxx

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Teenage Dictionary

Hello Beauties!
Yesterday it was announced  that the words selfie and twerking were going in the dictionary ( well the english one anyway) so I wanted to break down typical teenage sayings and what they mean. 
**these are just my personal views and this is nothing serious or official. You are completely welcome to disagree with me!**

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate . 
What you think it means A phrase used when a teen is so insecure, they think potatoes hate them
What it actually means A phrase used when someone doesnt care if people hate them . Normally used over the internet 

Hashtag Yolo Swag 
What you think it means A phrase used when someone wants to get attention, by completely confusing who they say it to. 
What it actually means Yolo stands for you only live once and this phrase is used when someone is carefree or when someone else has done something really cool. 

Boo You Whore (sorry its rude, I know) 
What you think it means A phrase used when someone is so angry at someone.
What it actually means This is a phrase from the film Mean Girls so mean girls fanatics will often use this with each other in a friendly way. This phrase can also be used when you are slightly annoyed at one of your besties but you do not mean to hurt them. 

What you think it means A type of drink in Starbucks
What it actually means A frape is where someone has gone on someone elses facebook account and posts something stupid
What you think it means The person being called Fly is on drugs or just really weird
What it actually means That someone looks really nice 

Lol - laugh out loud 
Wuu2 - what you up to
Wud - what you doing
Hru - how are you
Wbu- what about you
Lmao - laughing my ass off
Totes - totally 
Bbz - babes 
Kk or k - ok 

Hope you enjoyed this post, learnt something new or found it vaguely amusing! 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx

Bloggers week! Aveen

Hello beauties!
 Its the next installment of the big Joallap collab. Tomorrow I am posting but today it is Aveen! 

So I'm part of the J.O.A.L.L.A.P blog collab (link below) and the theme is to write about ourselves. Everyone's posts have been absolutely fantastic (and reposted on my blog along with everyone elses) so today I'm going to be writing about my Tumblr obsession! (Along with other obsessions)

So my Tumblr journey to insanity began in January 2012, when the nostalgia of Christmas had begun to fade. I didn't really reblog many things, just comedy posts. It's quite embarrassing when I think of it, I chose to reblog the most bland, boring posts on the internet. Even worse, I thought I was COOL for it. *cringes at self*

 I began reblogging posts from my fandoms in around March 2013 ( a fandom is like a book or tv series, or like YouTubers, more on them!) along with quotes, cute images and everything else in between. Then I lost my dignity (so my family says) because I turned into a full on ''fangirl''. I was heavily influenced by a former friend and I was in a laid back school year, Transition Year. Due to having more time on my hands, I began to spend all that time on Tumblr and my blog! I have no regrets, I've made so many friends through both these sites! (But back onto fandoms and shipping, I'm sorry this is random at times!)

My main fandoms at the moment are the Phandom which is Dan Howell and Phil Lester, two of my favourite YouTubers in existence. Many people ship them together, but I ship them as like a bromance or long lasting friendship. I adore their videos and check their Twitters practically daily to see if there's a new video or anything interesting happening (I'm made myself sound so bad there, oh my gosh)

I'm also in the Divergent fandom, The Hunger Games fandom, Sherlock, Doctor Who, TFIOS, basically any thing Vlogbrothers related and if you count singers, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Paramore, One Direction (one and off) and many more.

I basically ship everything and anything! Shipping is putting two people together in a relationSHIP or a friendSHIP. Who am I kidding, it's nearly always a relationship. In Harry Potter for example I ship Hinny, Romione, Drapple, Jily and RemusTonks! My OTP (One True Pairing) at the moment is Dantesers, Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell) and maltesers!

Did I also tell you I have a John Green book shrine? Yeah.

So that was a major part of my life, I'm planning on making a YouTube video in the coming weeks about the same issue. 

                                                                             My OTP, Dantesers!

Here's some of the miscellaneous things I reblog on a daily basis, except I won't be because of school again. *cries* So here is probably my last blog post of unplanned insanity! 





How to describe insulting someone's ship.. 

One of my favourite Divergent stills! 

I also reblog some cute photos and quotes 

So that's about it from me about my various fandoms, ships and incurable Tumblr obsession! 
Leave a comment if you agree that Tumblr is addictive or whatever you think, I LOVE hearing from you all!
Also, to anyone who didn't know about Tumblr, I am sorry, please don't blame me for ruining your life! :) 

Here's the order of who'll be posting! 

Monday ~ Lemmie
Tuesday ~  Jamie
Wednesday ~ Ony
Thursday ~ Me!
Friday ~ Phoebs              
Saturday ~  Leah            
Sunday ~  Alex

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!

Ta ta!xxxxxxx  Aveen's blog

Back to school! Stationary and mini boots haul!

Hello beauties! 
Today I went into town and bought a few bits of makeup and STATIONARY. One of my fave things about back to school is getting stationary. 
I shall just show you 1st the makeup I got. I got 3 maybelline babylips ( I was planning on getting two but then you got a 3rd one free. Oops! ) and I got the collection lasting perfection concealer. I wanted to also get a maybelline colour tattoo , sleek blush and garnier BB cream but I did not have enough money. So in september I will probably get them :) 

Now, stationary! I will start with my pencil case and pens. I still need to  
get fineliners and colouring pencils. 
The pencil case is soooo super cute. It was £4.99 from W H Smiths. It has 3 compartments. 
I am forvever losing pencils so I got this pack of10 from rymans. I wanted mechanical ones but they were £4.99 for four and these were £1.49 for 10. BARGIN :) 
For pens I got one black roller ball, 2 blue ones and a pack of biros.
For rough notes I got these 3 coloured biros. Which has reminded me that I did not get highlighters. Boo . 

I got a rubber and sharpener 2 pack as well.
This simple ruler. 
And finally a glue, protractor and reinforcers ( where your hole punched paper breaks) 


Things I still need to get
Colouring pencils

Things I already have 
So in the middle pocket I have mathy stuff : scissors, glue, protractor, compass etc. in another pocket I have pens and pencils. In the final pocket I will be keeping coloured stuff : pens, fineliners , colouring pencils and highlighters. 
This is just a plastic file with 3 compartments for homework. 
Then I got a pad of paper to put in all my files and a notebook for rough work. 
Then I just got 3 paper dividers
I got 5 folders, all from W H Smiths. They are all standard ring binders. This is the 1st one. 
How cute is this one? 
This is my favourite. It is from laura ashley, but i bought it in smiths ( still. ) 
This is my least favourite . I do not know why, but it is not as appealing to me! But it was cheap so yeah. 
I LOVE this one too! 

So that is all I bought and this is my second last in the back to school posts! I hope you have enjoyed these posts :) 

Ta ta!xxxxxxxx


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Exaggerate your features makeup tutorial 3 : Eyes 1

Hello Beauties! 
It feels like AGES since I have done an exaggerate your features tutorial! So here I am ;) 
This look is generally how to brighten up your eyes and make them appear larger etc .  The othereye makeup  tutorial will be with bright colours. Also , the links to my  otherExaggerate  your features tutorials will be at the end of this tutorial. 

Skin. This is a 3rd method of making your skin look flawless, so if you do not like this one, check out the others in this series ( linked at the bottom) to see if you prefer them. 
Start with the benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation. 
For concealing blemishes, I am using the tea tree and witch hazel concealer. 
Under my eyes I am using my worst ever foundation- rimmel wake me up. But I have found out it is great for under eyes! Maybe I should get the concealer.....
Also use a matte powder if you have oily akin as well. 

Now for eyes. First off, comb your brows in an arch. 
Next I am using the sleek pallete and sweeping a light neutal all over my eyelid. 
Then, use the white on your brow bone, under your eye and  the centre of your eyelid. 
Next, use a brown in the crease, and spread it out to your outer corner. 
Next up, add a black eyeliner on the outer corner  of the upper lashline and the outer corner of the lower waterline . I would suggest the soap and glory smoulder khol eyeliner pencil, but today I am using the benefit black khol pencil. 
Btw if you think black eyeliner is too harsh, use brown. 
Next , curl your eyelashes. 
For mascara , I am using the benefit they're real mascara ( duh) on my top and bottom lashes.
Finally on my eyes, I am taking the neutral shadow I took first, and using it to blend everything in slightly. 
By putting the lightest colour of eyeshadow in the middle, we are making the lashes longer which makes the eyes brighter. By putting the darkest colour in the crease, we are creating contrast which makes eyes look bigger and defined. You can do this sorta thing with any colours ( thats sorta what I will be showing you in the next tutorial in this series) . 

For lips, tone them down by using lip balm , vasaline or a sheer lipgloss. 
 You are drawn to my eyes (hopefully) see? ;) 

Hope you found this helpful and will use some of the tips I gave you. 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx


My wardrobe / closet

Hello Beauties!
As you know throughout the summer ( well august at least) I having been posting my daily hair, makeup and outfit. But I have slacked off doing that recently, so to make up for it, I am showing you my wardrobe. 
 It is a walk-in wardrobe 
Inside :) 
This is my 'snazziest ' dress. I team this with a leatherjacket and Doc Martins. 

I love this dress, but it has sorta become my drama dress. Whenever in drama lessons we need a really girlie character, I bring this in. Its from h&m 
Jumper, hollister. 
This was my go-to winter outfit last year. With a cardi, black snood and a beanie. 
Next my chest of drawers. Top 2 drawers - hair and makeup 
2nd drawer- summer clothes 
3rd drawer - underwear drawer ( you don't need 2 see that :P ) 
4th drawer- pj's 
Casual outfit. Both from superdry.
Lazy days/gym outfit. 
Top - La Gear
Shorts - sports direct.
Going out outfit
Top - next 
Skirt - h&m 

Hope you enjoyed this post , sorry for the lack of outfit posts! :( 
Ta ta!xxxxxxxx