Thursday, 15 August 2013

20 day blog challenge #day18

Hello Beauties!
Before I start, I just need to say.... GEEK CHIC NOTES IS 2 MONTHS OLD! Surprisingly, 1 have never kept a blog for this long so whooopeeeee! Another thing, I HAVE 10 FOLLOWERS! I know to all you  experienced   bloggers and non bloggers, 10 people sounds like nothing, but to me , 10 people actually want to read more of my stuff! So thank you, my dear followers . And also thank you to anyone that has commented or ever read the blog. I love you all! Lets see how quickly Geek Chic Notes can get 20 followers ;) 
My extremely neat writing ( above) 
My rushed, messy writing ( above) 
My normal writing ( how it looks at school)

I often get told off for how bad my presentation is at school or how messy my writing is. But I am trying to make a real effort to keep it neat! :) 

Ta ta! xxxxxxxx

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