Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ask Phoebs!

WHello Beauties! 
Ok so this is not exactly what the title says. I cannot imagine any of you guys would ask me questions . But I got nominated for the Liebster award by my 20th follower ;) , Chloe , but as I have already done this tag, I am just answering her questions .  <---- the link to my original
Liebster award post <---- the link to Chloes Blog :) 

1) What is your favourite clothing brand?
I have 2. Either topshop or H&M . I love ANYTHING topshop ( well, except some of the cropped tops) and h&m is MY LIFE. 
2) If you could only wear one brand of make-up for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Definitely Benefit. If you have read my blog from the beginning you will know how much Iove their stuff! It is good quality and a great range. 
3) What is the main thing that makes you unique?
Ooh gosh! Haha Deep question :) . Everything about me is different. Yeah, someone might have a very similar quality to me, but we would use it in different ways. 

4) Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Hopefully, married with kids ( maybe thats pushing it but hopefully) . At that age I would like a flexible job as well coz I do not want to be a Career mum! But thats coz my mum is a housewife. But you know, 'everything happens for a reason' 

5) What is the most expensive piece of makeup you own?
My benefit 'how to look the best at everything' kit was probably a lot ( it was a gift) also my benefit mascara was £20 or so and I would NEVER pay that for a mascara ( bday prezzie again) . I do not know what I will do when it runs out! 

6) What is the most expensive piece of clothing you own/
My Jack Wills Gilet . I got it for £60 but its original price was £99. 

7) Who is your celebrity idol?
I admire Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Also AVRIL LAVIGNE. But I do not think I 'idolise ' them. 

8) What makes someone attractive in your opinion?
Their eyes. Also their personality. 

9) What is your favourite take-away?
Chinese, but we never have it coz my mum always feels sick after :( thats why sleepover ROCK!  ;) 

10) How good are you at keeping secrets?
Surprisingly good. But depending on who it is. Me and my friend GOSSIP ALL THE TIME and I know all about her love life ( weird right) and I have never told a soul what she tells me. But if its friendship things between my besties it is harder. 

11) If you were to be a spokesperson for one make-up or fashion brand, who would it be and why?
N.o7 coz its british and aimed at all ages. I dont really know. 

Once again, thanks Chloe for nominating me, sorry this is all I could do! 
Ta ta!xxxxx


  1. Thankyou for answering! I feel exactly the same about the benefit mascara, I don't have the money to spend that amount on one thing but its so great! Ah problems eh? Hehe xx

    1. No problemo! I know, but it is just so friggin' fantastic! I might try a Maybelline mascara and then if I still prefer benefit, I will splash put on that haha xx


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