Sunday, 18 August 2013

Back to school! Night before and 1st day

Hello beauties! 
I have got LOADS of back to school posts for you all! Look out for: 
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Simple hair styles ( this post is not just for back to school though) 
Posts I have already done: 
Makeup tips
How we 'customise' our uniform.

Anyways on with the post! 
The night before school make sure you have a shower/bath and wash your hair . It saves you waking up EVEN earlier than you have to the next day and you do not wanna be in a rush! If you have straight hair and want it curly, plait your hair when it is damp. Then sleep with it and you have waves the next day :) 
Pack your bag. Make sure you have everything you need. 
Charge your mobile/cell phone. You want your phone on full charge at the beginning of the day for maximum charge. 
Get out your outfit in preparation  for tomorrow. It saves you struggling to find the clothes you want in the morning. 
Cleanse, moisturise and use an anti black head face wash . This makes sure your skin looks great! 
Go to bed in good time and set your alarm. A good time to go to bed is 10. To help you sleep, read a book before bed and have a hot drink. DO NOT stay on facebook till midnight ! 

The day of school. Get up and have a good breakfast! A non sugary cereal, toast, smoothie, cooked breakfast or fruit are healthy breakfasts. 
Brush your teeth and cleanse and moisturise. 
The outfit I am wearing is a sleeveless shirt from new look and a skater skirt from new look. Is this the sorta thing you could wear to school? I am not sure . 
If it gets cold put on this jumper from hollister ( they do not make this exact one, but amy jumper from Hollister  with this neckline that is NOT easy fit is fine)

For hair, just put it up in a high pony. 
Take out a small section and plait/braid it. 
 Wrap it round the hair tie you used and keep wrapping till you only have a tiny bit left, then tuck that bit in the pony. 
 So simple! 

For makeup, apply a bb cream and concealer( if needed) 
On your eye lids apply a neutral  eyeshadow colour. Get some white eyeshadow and apply it in the inner corner of your eye and by your lower lash line. 
Now apply some brown eyeliner very close to your upper lashline , and blend it slightly 
 Apply a bit of Vaseline to your lids and curl your lashes.
Just comb through and shape your brows.
 For my lips I am using this bright cherry lipbalm from m and s. it gives a great tint and is very moisturising. 
 Look done! Obviously you could add more or less to this look, this is just what I would do for school( minus the eyeliner) 

Hope you liked this back to school post and look out for more! 
Ta ta!xxxxxx


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