Thursday, 29 August 2013

Back to school! Stationary and mini boots haul!

Hello beauties! 
Today I went into town and bought a few bits of makeup and STATIONARY. One of my fave things about back to school is getting stationary. 
I shall just show you 1st the makeup I got. I got 3 maybelline babylips ( I was planning on getting two but then you got a 3rd one free. Oops! ) and I got the collection lasting perfection concealer. I wanted to also get a maybelline colour tattoo , sleek blush and garnier BB cream but I did not have enough money. So in september I will probably get them :) 

Now, stationary! I will start with my pencil case and pens. I still need to  
get fineliners and colouring pencils. 
The pencil case is soooo super cute. It was £4.99 from W H Smiths. It has 3 compartments. 
I am forvever losing pencils so I got this pack of10 from rymans. I wanted mechanical ones but they were £4.99 for four and these were £1.49 for 10. BARGIN :) 
For pens I got one black roller ball, 2 blue ones and a pack of biros.
For rough notes I got these 3 coloured biros. Which has reminded me that I did not get highlighters. Boo . 

I got a rubber and sharpener 2 pack as well.
This simple ruler. 
And finally a glue, protractor and reinforcers ( where your hole punched paper breaks) 


Things I still need to get
Colouring pencils

Things I already have 
So in the middle pocket I have mathy stuff : scissors, glue, protractor, compass etc. in another pocket I have pens and pencils. In the final pocket I will be keeping coloured stuff : pens, fineliners , colouring pencils and highlighters. 
This is just a plastic file with 3 compartments for homework. 
Then I got a pad of paper to put in all my files and a notebook for rough work. 
Then I just got 3 paper dividers
I got 5 folders, all from W H Smiths. They are all standard ring binders. This is the 1st one. 
How cute is this one? 
This is my favourite. It is from laura ashley, but i bought it in smiths ( still. ) 
This is my least favourite . I do not know why, but it is not as appealing to me! But it was cheap so yeah. 
I LOVE this one too! 

So that is all I bought and this is my second last in the back to school posts! I hope you have enjoyed these posts :) 

Ta ta!xxxxxxxx



  1. I love your pink and blue floral patterned folder! It's so cute! Have you used the baby lips yet? What are they like?

    Take Care,
    Chloe xxx

    1. I know, I just had to get it when I saw it!
      Yeah I really like them for the tint they give. If you want me to do a review on them, I would be more than happy to!
      Phoebs xxx


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