Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Blog challenge #day17

I love SO many blogs with under 100 followers, it was hard just to chose three! So I chose 5. 
So the first beauty - fashiony type blog I LOVE is Don't Need Makeup To Cover up. This blog is written by Gaby and I love this blog! She does posts on outfits, hauls, her makeup and makeup reviews. I really want you to check out her blog, its really lovely <3

The next beauty- fashiony type blog I wanna promote is Bow Petals. This is written by Hollie and I only just 
discovered this blog and it is amazing! I love the fashion posts the most but she also does beauty , makeup 
and lifestyle posts. I really enjoy reading her blog

The next blog I could not really put in a category. It is Anonymousony. It is mainly a lifestyle and DIY projects blog, 
but I write a beauty segment in it ( that is not the reason I am promoting this blog by the way, I loved it before) the
DIY posts are very clever and fun, and the lifestyle ones are slightly humorous. Go check out the blog!

The next blog is sort of like an online diary. It is All About Amazing Alex. It is really cool and I love reading! It 
seems quite personal, but you do not feel nosy reading it. She also has some AMAZING song lyrics, plus a 
separate blog for all her lyrics. It makes me inspired to make my song lyrics better ( yes I write songs and I use
my ukulele for chords :P )  Anyways, here the link :)

So the final blog is Pam The Mad. It is a lifestyle blog mainly. I love this blog LOADS! Ha, I was even her 1st 
follower :) She started this particular blog challenge I am doing as well so you should check out her posts. Her
posts always make me smile and I want to read more! Please check out her blog and follow, you know you want 
to ;)

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy those blogs as much as I do! 
Ta ta! xxxxxxx 
If you wanna join the challenge, its not too late just repost this image on your blog and get going! 


  1. That was lovely and I really appreciate it. Thank you xx

  2. Thank you so much for the mention! I greatly appreciate it! This means so much to me! :)

  3. No worries, I really love your blog! x


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