Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bloggers week!

Hello Beauties!
Its the 2nd instalment of b,loggers week, so heres Jamie!
Hey guys!
As you might already know, I'm participating in a collaboration with 6 other bloggers. You might have seen me post their posts on my blog, but it's just for this week so don't fret! This weeks theme is YOU. Well, It's actually about me, but whatever semantics. 

So I've been thinking. What defines us as people? As individuals? Is it my beliefs? My interests? Or maybe even what others perceive me as. And I've come to realise, it's d) all of the above. I'm me because I'm everything
It's impossible to put someone is a box and say "This. This is who you are" based on one thing because then everyone with that one thing would be the same. And thus, I have decided to illustrate myself through a series of pictures, cause everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

163 cm :(

Sweet baby jesus Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans

I am hilarious. Don't doubt me.

I do. Not even lying.

aaaaand everything Studio Ghibli

Dan and Phil? I think yes.

All day. Erryday.

 And last but not least,

Ta ta!xxxxx

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