Friday, 16 August 2013

Bun tutorials #happyhair2

Hello Beauties!
This is the 2nd in my hair care series of posts, I am gonna show you a bun using a doughnut ( not thr food though) and a plait/braid bun. 

You will need : 
2 hair ties
A doughnut
Hair pins ( optional ) 
A bow / hairband ( optional ) 

To start, scrape up your hair into a high pony. I tip my head upside down, grab all my hair and pull it back into a ponytail. 

Once you have done this, pull the doughnut though your hair 
 After that, pull up your hair and place it in front of the doughnut. 
( sorry my eyes look weird ) 
 Spreading it out :) 

Now pull all your hair around the doughnut 
 The bun! 

Now some people like to pin the hair into the doughnut, but to create a more messy effect, I just tie another hair tie around the whole bun. 
 I had a small bit of hair sticking out, so I pinned that in place.  
I added a bow to my hair , the one to the left is from boots, the one on the right I made. You just need a but of material and a hair tie. 

Clip your bow wherever you want! 
I love doughnuts coz they are sooo easy to use, and add volume to your bun! The come in all sizes so even if you have short, thin hair there will be a size for you. Primark stock LOADS. 

Now the plait bun. 
You will need: 
Two hair ties 
1 or 2hair pins 

Tie your hair in a high pony again , and split your hair into two. 
Plait one section in a 3 strand plait (or braid.... Same thing) 
Then pin it at the back of your head to keep the plait in place. 
Next, plait the other piece and plait both plaits together. So you have two plaits and you twist them round each other, like a two strand plait. 

Finally twist the big plait into a bun :) 
 Sorry for bad pics 

I added a hair band ( from superdrug) but you could leave it, add a bow, add clips, pretty much accessorise how ever much you want! 

Hope you found these tutorials helpful and look out for a #happyhair3! 

Ta ta!xxxxxx

P.s on both of these tutorials, prep your hair. Brush it  and if needed, add dry shampoo or styling cream beforehand ;) 

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