Saturday, 17 August 2013

Chit Chat

 Hello Beauties,
I have been posting an AWFUL lot recently, I am loving it, but its probably a bit too much. I need to tone it down! 
I have been doing lots of makeup, hair and outfit posts, which I hope you are enjoying and a lot more to come.  But right now, I just want to sit down, in my pj's and my dressing gown with my hot chocolate and ramble on to you. I was going to post the second in my  exaggerate your features tutorial, but I was finding it hard to show you HOW to do your eyebrows in pics, or even a quick vid for google plus. I will find a way though! That post will be up tomorrow. I have also got a few reviews coming up, so look out for them. And more hair tutorials. And more lifestyle bits and bobs. And fashion.I need to write down all the posts I want to do, so I can space them out. I am a very unorganised person. :P 
Another thing, sorry I have not posted anything back to school related. I do not go back to school till early september so I have not given it much thought. Expect that in the next week or so. 

Enough of my blog though. Now, I am not really sure what to talk about in this post. I shall talk about good stuff . (Well in my opinion) 
Well what I really love to do is singing. Before I got my ukulele, I used to listen to songs and sing along with them. Sometimes I would attempt piano covers, my best one was mad world. Now with my ukulele I like CREATING music, changing up songs, writing my own. It makes me feel happy and proud. I am SO glad I auditioned for the school play when I was 10 . It sort of built the foundations of who I am today. 
The problem is, whatever I do there is always someone better, always someone to be compared to. An actress or singer is stereo typically seemed to be outgoing and confident. Yeah, im not shy, but people do not expect me to sing or create a character on stage. It annoys me but I just keep at it. In life, you gotta keep going, believing, achieving small things. Then one day you will succeed. Every knock back you take makes you stronger. 

To end this lil' post, im going to keep doing what I looooveeee. :) 
Im not really sure if you guys will like this style of post, but I wanted to write it and I am sure you are not going to freak out about it :D Maybe I will do one again, on something completely different.... 
Anyhooo, hope you enjoyed this different post, more of my usual stuff  tomorrow again :) 
Good night ,
Ta ta!xxxxxxxxx 
Random selfie of me 
#cheekyselfie ;) 

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