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Exaggerate your features makeup tutorial 2: eyebrows

Hello Beauties!
Yay its the second in this series of tutorials! Brows are quite hard to explain in detail , but I have tried my best. Also the brow kit I am using is from benefit, so I have tried to keep everything else in this tutorial drugstore :) 

1. Make your skin look flawless! You could either do what I did in the first tutorial ( the link to that will be at the end if this tutorial)  or you could do this! Mix your bb cream with your primer on your hand and apply it all over your face. This is sort of like the benefit pore fessional primer, but the coverage is thicker. I used the maybeline dream fresh BB cream and the 17 photo flawless skin primer. 
2. Now I am going to use concealer under my eyes and on blemishes. I am using the benefit boi ing concealer. This is just too amazing not to use, it gives great coverage . I am using the lighter colour under my eyes and a mix of both shades on my spots. D
The next bit is optional, but if you have oily skin, use a powder. A great drugstore one is the rimmel stay matte powder but I am using my benefit one. 

Now onto eyes . We want them to slightly stand out as they are near our brows. So use a neutral colour on your lid, then a brown in the crease and into the outer corner. Blend the brown in well so it is slightly softer. We want more of a neutral colour than a brown. 
 Next apply your favourite mascara ( my favourite drugstore one is rimmel scandal eyes mascara) 

Now onto brows. To start off, use a white eyeshadow under your brows to highlight them. 
Now, the most important thing is the shape of your brows. You could shape them as you do them but I prefer to brush them before. My essential for great brows is an eyebrow brush and comb, but clear mascara can work just as well. 
(I tried to create straight brows with a slight arch. 
To use an eyebrow comb, really just brush them in the way you want them to be shaped. If you want them arched, brush them in a semi circular motion. 

Onto product. I am using the benefit smokin eyes eye and brow kit. 
 It comes with an angled brush. If you do not already have one, to do your eyebrows GET AN ANGLED BRUSH. You get better results and they can be quite cheap. I like using a mini brush for more control but there are big brushes available too.  

Colour. Even to get great brows do not go 5000000000 shades darker than your actual brows. You need to find YOUR shade or ever so slightly darker. If you have a neutral eyeshadow pallete, experiment with that and see what is your shade. There are loads of great brow kits available and I would HIGHLY recommend the benefit one. Also it does come with tweezers,  but if you wanna pluck them, GET THEM DONE PROFESSIONALLY. People are trained to pluck them and you get a better finished result. 

Applying. I like to dab my brush on the sparse areas of my brows and blend it in. I also do a few strokes of my brush where my brows are thicker to have an even colour throughout.  
( my colour is mainly the brown in the benefit pallete and a tiny bit of the black ) 

The aim is to make your brows look thicker and have a nicer shape.  

You could go slightly thicker than this but for begginers, this is enough. 

On your lips just apply a tinted lipbalm or lipgloss . 
 I am using the barry m glossy tube in shade 06 

 This is the finished look! Your brows should look thick, even and neat. The brows go nicely with the shiny lips. If you wanted you could just apply a white, shimmery shade to your eyelids . For me, the neutral look makes my brows stand out more but the shimmery look might work better for you :)
With eyebrows it is really about experimenting and trial and error. A few essentials: 
A neutral eyeshadow pallet
Eyebrow brush/comb 
Angled brush
Brown eyeliner pencil ( incase  you want to give the pencil look a go) 

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that this look helped you with your brows. 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx  <~~~~~ the link to how to 
Exaggerate your lips . And it has a different foundation/bb cream/ concealer tutorial to this one so you can check 
that out :)  

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