Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Exaggerate your features makeup tutorial 3 : Eyes 1

Hello Beauties! 
It feels like AGES since I have done an exaggerate your features tutorial! So here I am ;) 
This look is generally how to brighten up your eyes and make them appear larger etc .  The othereye makeup  tutorial will be with bright colours. Also , the links to my  otherExaggerate  your features tutorials will be at the end of this tutorial. 

Skin. This is a 3rd method of making your skin look flawless, so if you do not like this one, check out the others in this series ( linked at the bottom) to see if you prefer them. 
Start with the benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation. 
For concealing blemishes, I am using the tea tree and witch hazel concealer. 
Under my eyes I am using my worst ever foundation- rimmel wake me up. But I have found out it is great for under eyes! Maybe I should get the concealer.....
Also use a matte powder if you have oily akin as well. 

Now for eyes. First off, comb your brows in an arch. 
Next I am using the sleek pallete and sweeping a light neutal all over my eyelid. 
Then, use the white on your brow bone, under your eye and  the centre of your eyelid. 
Next, use a brown in the crease, and spread it out to your outer corner. 
Next up, add a black eyeliner on the outer corner  of the upper lashline and the outer corner of the lower waterline . I would suggest the soap and glory smoulder khol eyeliner pencil, but today I am using the benefit black khol pencil. 
Btw if you think black eyeliner is too harsh, use brown. 
Next , curl your eyelashes. 
For mascara , I am using the benefit they're real mascara ( duh) on my top and bottom lashes.
Finally on my eyes, I am taking the neutral shadow I took first, and using it to blend everything in slightly. 
By putting the lightest colour of eyeshadow in the middle, we are making the lashes longer which makes the eyes brighter. By putting the darkest colour in the crease, we are creating contrast which makes eyes look bigger and defined. You can do this sorta thing with any colours ( thats sorta what I will be showing you in the next tutorial in this series) . 

For lips, tone them down by using lip balm , vasaline or a sheer lipgloss. 
 You are drawn to my eyes (hopefully) see? ;) 

Hope you found this helpful and will use some of the tips I gave you. 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx



  1. Love the neutral eye look! I'm really looking forward to your eye tutorial using bright colours as I'm always too scared to use anything brighter than orange! :)

    Chloe xxx

    1. Thanks! Haha dont worry, its all about finding colours that empathise your eye colour, but more on that in the next tutorial!
      Phoebs xxx

  2. Very cute!! Thanks again for linking up girlie! :)


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