Tuesday, 13 August 2013

General things

Hello beauties, 
As you may of noticed I have changes the layout of my blog. I changed it coz I was bored of the old background and with a new background, I needed a slightly new colour scheme, and while I was there I thought 'why not just change the blogs fonts as well?' I also changed the blog description and my profiles description. If you think the descriptions are too vague - check out my About Me page :) 
Tell me if you like or dislike the new changes - I would love your opinion! 
My blog , at the weekend reached 500 pageviews! It seems like only yesterday I was celebrating 100 pageviews! Thank you to EVERYONE who has viewed this blog , it means a lot! I also cannot believe that I actually HAVE followers - yes it is a small number and I would like more, but there is 8 people who actually like my blog enough to click the follow button - WOW.   I am now determind to keep this blog going and build up more followers ( one way or another! I will make it work haha) 
ANOTHER thing, in two days time my blog will be 2 months old! It feels like a lot has happened since the 15 th of june, the day after my tooth operation. Back then I was bored and felt like writing, now blogging is a real  hobby of mine! 

So once again , thank you, keep reading, following and commenting , it means sooooooooo much! 


  1. Lovely new layout! Yep inc. hair, outfit and makeup sounds like a great idea x

    1. Thank you and thanks for the feedback!

  2. Hola bombon¡¡
    que bonito post
    acabo de descubrir tu blog y me gusta mucho,te gustaria que nos siguieramos?
    te invito a pasar por mi blog
    Buenas Noches¡¡

    1. hola gracias por visitar mi blog lo siento si el español no tiene mucho sentido, estoy utilizando el traductor de google. En cierto modo me entendí tu comentario, voy a ir a ver a tu blog ahora.


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