Friday, 16 August 2013

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award!

Hello Beauties!
I was reading my friend Pam's post from Pam the Mad about her being nominated for the Liebster Award. And I was pleasantly    surprised to find that she had nominated me! Here are the rules of the Liebster Award:
Link Back to the person who nominated you    <----- done ;) 
Answer the questions given to you by the nominee before you 
Pick bloggers with under 200 followers to be nominated 
Give them 11 questions to answer
Notify your nominees. 

The questions! 
1. Your favourite quote and why? I have two : Dont cry because its over, smile because it happened. It reminds me that every negative can be turned into a positive. You can even change around the quote if something bad happened to you : dont cry because it happened, smile because its over. And my other  quote is : Everything happens for a reason. 
2. Growing up, who did you admire?
Well I am still growing up! I would say ed sheeran. I think he is an inspiration in the music industry. On a more political note, Malala Yousafazi. She is the girl who wants women allowed more rights and to be educated in Pakistan.  
3. What would you like to do after finishing school?
Many things! A dream would to be a singer/actress/west end performer. Realistically I would like to be a lawyer or something in advertising. Or something in beauty. Luckily I have lots of time to chose!
4. Talk about your favourite band/artist and why you like them.
Avril Lavigne - she always keeps it real and she is herself. Her some songs are really catchy and the rest are deep and personal. Whatever mood I am in, there is an Avril Lavigne song I can listen to. 
Ed sheeran- he is such an inspiration, and he is not in the music industry to be famous, he is in it to be a musician. Plus his songs are great :) 
5. The greatest compliment you've ever received and who gave it to you. Ooh thats hard. Well one of them was from a girl I do not know that well and she said: your facebook picture is really stunning. It just made me smile. Also after the performance of fame I was in, a stranger who watched it came up to me and said :You were  absolutely   fantastic on stage. That was pretty special <3
6. The name of your first pet. We had two fish , frank , who lived for five years, and matilda, who lived for two weeks. My fish was Matilda but I was very young so I do not remember her.  
7. Do you like school? In all honesty, yes I like school. But that doesn't mean I like homework! 
8. An embarrassing memory. This is not that bad really, but you know. It was last year and we were doing spellings in english. Two girls were trying to fit either one direction or JLS in every sentence. The next word was impression. I thought I would be really clever and say: it is annoying when people talk about boybands, it gives the impression that they are obsessed. But when the teacher asked me , I said ( in front of the class) I hate it when people talk about boybands, it makes it seem that they are obsessed. I was sitting smugly for a moment when the teacher was looking at me weirdly and said: wheres the word impression? And the whole class burst in to laughter! At the time I wanted to die! 
9. The most important quality you feel a person should have. Loyalty. They should know when they want to do something that would hurt others badly, they shouldn't. I don't know, in the heat of the moment if they did something, and then apologised, thats fine but if they did something and thought they were in the right, thats wrong. 
10. Something that irritates you. People not replying to texts when you ask them a straight forward question. 
11. Who are your style icons? Avril Lavigne, little mix and kendal and kylie jenner. None of them are 'style icons' as such, just I like what they wear. 

My questions . 
1. Would you ever get a tattoo? 
2. Where do you want to live in 10 years time and why? 
3. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? 
4. Would you rather a job in beauty or fashion ? 
5. Favourite line from a song or a poem and why? 
6. How do you try and get more followers on your blog? 
7. Would you ever go makeup free to a party / event and why? 
8. What was your best ever moment so far? 
9. Describe your sense of style. 
10. What is your biggest makeup/fashion/ hair disaster? 

My nominations are: 
Jane from Dorky, Fizzy and Quirky stuff
Gaby from Don't need makeup to cover up 
Alex from All about Amazing Alex

I would of nominated more, but they have already done the Liebster award or Pamela nominated them! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks again pam for nominating me! 
Ta ta! xxxxxxxx


  1. I love reading these! I quite like Avril Lavigne too!

    Lorraine x

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I love avril <3

  2. Thanks for thinking of me! But I don't really like the Liebster Award, too many people 'nominate' me, and it's not even an award, it's a tag, so sorry but I hope you don't mind if I don't do it! Thanks so much though... :)

  3. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! :)

  4. I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for taking part!


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