Friday, 16 August 2013

Lazy Days

Hello Beauties!
Here is my hair, makeup and outfit for the day. Its a bit basic and casual i'm afraid!
So for hair I just washed it and sprayed some L'Oreal Elvive extraordinary oil mist in, and it does make my hair smell great and it feels soft. Not much shine though! 
I am actually makeup free at the moment! This is because I wanted to have a clean face before I did a makeup tutorial ( so expect one later today! ) . I suppose I.will show you my makeup later but in a tutorial :) 

So I am wearing a baggy jumper-top-sweater ( whatever you wanna call it) from h and m and jeans from new look. I would wear this with navy hollister flip flops. I did just put on a necklace so here is that: 
 It is from an irish souvenir shop in Belfast airport, but I am sure these are avaliable in any irish souvenir shop lol.  

Sorry its all a bit boring and casual today, but I will post a makeup tutorial today :) 

Ta ta!xxxxxxx

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