Monday, 26 August 2013

Looking for Alaska Book Review.

Hello Beauties!
I have not done a book review in a while and I couldnt NOT tell you about this one! 
Looking for Alaska is by John Greene and I downloaded it on my ipad coz I forgot to buy a book for when I went to Yorkshire. I got this book coz quite a few bloggers have talked about this book. Amd OH. MY . GOD.   They were SO right to enjoy it! 

The book is about this unpopular boy moving away from home and his school to go to boarding school. There he finds out about all the social groups, smoking , drinking, and girls. He makes friends with his roommate and joins in their group. He fancies one of the girls in the group , but he gets set up with someone else. Anyways something happens ( I cannot tell you what - the book would not be the same if you knew what was coming) and everything is different for them. The book ends with the year playing a MASSIVE prank . 

The book is lighthearted , yet deep and moving. Especially being a girl and reading from a guys prospective when he made stupid mistakes I was like you idiot! But you cannot help but fall in love with  Pudge.  It captures every emotion and is hard to put down. I read it in about 3 days! It is also not hard language to read. I read the description on amazon and thought 'this is not my type of book' but really, I LOVED IT . If you havent read any john greene books, read the blurbs/description of all the young adult books he has written, you will find one . I am halfway through The Fault In Our Stars . At first I was scared to read this , as Hazel has cancer and I hate talking about illnesses. But after reading Looking For Alaska, I knew I would like it. 
Overall, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY reccomend this book. If you really do not think this book will be your thing ( if your a little bit unsure though, still get it) I recommend the Author, John Greene's books. You will find something! 
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