Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My attempt at DIY shorts!

Today I'm writing a tutorial on how to add a lace piece to your shorts. Obviously you can add any type of material to your shorts I just happened to use lace. Also you have to be confident with hand sewing - I am not the best so I have some stitches in creases and they will eventually break , but if you can sew in straight lines and CAREFULLY, you will be fine. To recreate exactly what I did you will need: 
Some boring shorts, needle, thread, scissors and lace. ( I used a halloween lace glove from claires but if you have an old top with lace on use that or just anything lacey that you no longer wear/ need) 

So to start I found the lining on my glove and cut along that to open up the glove. 

Put the lace on the shorts where you want it and cut it to size 

Now sew around the outside of the lace( I had to do this twice coz I know my sewing is bad so I thought it needed more support and so the very edge doesn't look un secure ) 

This bit is an added extra, or you could just do this! The gloves I had have ruffles along an edge, so I cut them off and decided to sew them on! So again, any ruffles will do, just places the ruffles where you want them, and sew along one side ( or both but I only did one so it was more 'shabby chic' 
( as you can see, my sewing is crap) 
Hope you enjoyed! xxx

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