Sunday, 4 August 2013

My gym experience

I have a gym membership for the summer only, so as its already august, I thought I better use it. Heres what happened. 
I go in with my dad and brother and coz they are both over 15 ( well obviously my dad is) they can freely use the gym. But as I am younger, I have to be in a group being supervised. This disappointed me coz I wanted to do my own thing. There were only four of us so it was ok until the exercise started. AARRRGHHH . 
We started off doing cross trainers for 10mins. Then rowing machines as fast as you could for 5mins. Then circuits which was when I felt like dying . We had to do sprints, jumps on a board, press ups, sit ups, and this other jumping then touching the ground thing. This was for 45 seconds then 15 second break. We did all the activities twice. Then after that we got on the bikes and the fitness coach made us do hillls. All of us were sweating, out of breath and red, I felt like I was on some unfit show! Then we did laps of the sports hall for 3 or 4 mins and that wasnt so bad. 
I know I am unfit but WOW that was ridiculously hard! Exercise is important but I do not think I will be a regular to that class. I have access to the swimming pool so I hope to go there twice a week and the gym thing every fortnight. I am not looking forward to this , but fitness is important especially when my extra - curricular activities do not include sport! 
Uughhh I am tired thinking about what I did today . We also did not stretch ( which I only thought of now) so god knows what I will be like tomorrow! 
Peace out!xxxx    

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