Sunday, 25 August 2013

My makeup store

Hello Beauties!
Ok so this is howI organise my makeup/dressing table area. In a sentence, I dont organise it . But today, just for you chic geeks, I am. So the pics show all the products and it is pretty random.

 Le hair draw. So I did not tidy this for you, I did not know where to begin! 
And the makeup/jewellery. Oh god :( 

 So this is the contents of the flowery bag from 
 Everything from the jack wills bag. 
In the mark hill bag. 
 The rest of the drawer. 
NowI have lip products in the flowery bag, eye products in the Jack Wills bag and skin products in the mark hill bag. 
Also my pallete - type things are in my dressing table. 

Ok so its still messy, but manageable! 

As always, hope you enjoyed the post , and I am GOING to post later today I promise ;) 
Also , I have not done my outfits recently , purely coz what I have been wearing you have already seen! 
So I will post them when I think you will find them interesting :) 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx

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