Monday, 26 August 2013

My night routine

Hello Beauties!
So I love watch vids on youtube of 'get ready with me' and 'morning/night routines 'so tonight I am gonna show you my night routine! Then tomorrow morning I will show you my morning routine( which also consists of a shower so I will be showing you my hair products. 
Also these two posts show my skincare routine, so if you are interested in that, is is for you! 
So I start by getting into my pjs - the comfier the better! I do not really care what I look like in bed. I wear cotton trousers and and top in summer, amd onzies or thick trousers and any top in winter. The top is from primark and the trousers are from next. But they are both very old so i doubt you can get them! 

Next I have an actimel ( a yogurty drink ) then its off to the bathroom! 
I brush my teeth first , with a typical manual toothbrush and collgate toothpaste. 
Then I wet my face, and use my Garnier Pure Active AntiBlackhead Deep PoreWash. I normally use this only twice a week but recently I have used this every other day as my skin has been bad recently. 
 It is a grainy wash, but leaves skin feeling gooood ;) 
You can sorta see the blue grains. 

Next , its back to my room, where I remove makeup. 
I use the simple kind to eyes eye makeup remover. I would not recommend this if you wear waterproof makeup as it is a HASSLE. then on my skin I use simple kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion. I used to use Botanics cleansing wipes but no. DO NOT USE CLEANSING WIPES. It dehydrates your skin :( I only use them on holiday as it is a hassle to pack the bottle and cotton wool. Also I used to use the simple eye makeup remover pads, and they are great. 
 What the cleansing   lotion looks like :) 

 Next I use my Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel. I would not recommend this for oily skin . But it is great for me , my skin feels so smoooth! My 3 fave skincare brands are : Garnier , tea tree and witch hazel and Simple. So natural, cheap , but effective . 
Finally for skin I am using the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel blemish stick. You just dab this on your blemishes and it helps them go down! I also had the spot want which is great, but I lost it :( 

Also if you have really bad spots or acne, I HIGHLY recommend going to your doctor. They should prescribe you with a cream , and oh my god it is a Miracle Worker. In about 2 days the spots were gone. In the long term it is great. 
Now my hair, I just brush it with a botanics hair brush from boots. I did have a tangle teaser, but for fine hair, I would not recommend it. 
My hair ( sorry its blurry ) 

So now I shall be checking gmail and my blog, reading a book and going to bed. Zzzzzzzz

Ta ta!xxxxxx

P.s sorry the lighting is bad in the pics, I only had my lamp on and its dark outside!   Night <3 


  1. I really enjoyed this post and I am going to try that blemish stick it looks really cool I want to follow you but do you only have the google follow button ?
    My blog if you fancy checking it out :)


    1. sorry I was being daft I followed you on google button :)

    2. Yeah the blemish stick is amazing! For the price I was not expecting much but its great! Haha glad you followed :)


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