Monday, 19 August 2013

Simple HairStyles #happyhair3

Hello Beauties! 
Today I am showing you 3 simple hairstyles that are great for school , or just whenever! 

1. Side plait . 
1st off, put your hair in a side parting and take a section of your hair ( around the same size as shown below) and plait it normally. 
 Gather all your hair, including the plait into a side pony. If you were really rushed for time you could leave it like this. 
Finally, plait your ponytail and tie it at the bottom. I wanted to show you a fishtail plait but I wanted to keep the continuity  going ( with the mini plait being a normal 3 strand braid). 

2. Twist pony. 
Grab your hair into a low/medium pony tail. 
If you want to, pull out strands at the front to create a messy look. 
Now tie up your ponytail quite loosely. 
Above your hair tie, make a hole in your hair like shown. 
Flip your pony tail through this hole . It doesnt matter which way! 
You are left with two twists either side of your pony tail. 

3. Messy bun.
Tie your hair in a high pony. 
Flip all your hair towards your face and spread it out slightly. 
Now fold it back and you are left with this 
There should be hair that is not in the bun, so use a bow clip to stop the bun falling apart. 
 If you do not wanna use a clip, you could use grips and pins. 
Or if you do not wanna do that, get the hair not in the bun and twist it around the bun. Then tie the whole thing up. You are left with a different bun. 

Hope you enjoyed these tutorials and comment below if you have any questions on how to do them :) 
Ta ta!xxxxx


  1. LOVE these!

    Thanks for linking up to last weeks "That's My Style" link party. I'm happy to report you were featured today! :D

    Hope to see you at this weeks party.

    Karla @


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