Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Soap and glory smoulder kohl eyeliner review

Today I am doing a review! I am really excited about this. 
So the Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl eyeliner is a pencil but when applied strongly it can look like gel eyeliner. It is also great for winged liner . It is very slick and easy to apply, but almost too easy. There is never any resistance against the eyelid which, if you are pro at appllying, can be annoying. Also if you make a slight mistake, it doesnt rub off well it just smudges :( 
To see me applying the eyeliner, click the link below ( my google plus page) 
( I used to have another blog which I used the google plus for and I got a bit obsessed with it so ignore previous
Posts! The eyeliner one is the top post where you should see me with an eyeliner pencil, then press play! Also
I didnt want people knowing my name so I put my middle name on my google plus profile) 

On the pencil lid, there is a sharpener. This is very hard and messy to use , because the actual black stuff is very 
Soft, the sharpener gets messy. 
To conclude, I like this eyliner, it is very bold and for £5 very good value! It is also waterproof which means 
It is hard to take off. If you have sensitive eyes I would not recommend this as it made my eyes water when applied 
Thickly so watch out for that! This is good value for money. 

I hope you enjoyed the post and the video if it worked. 
Ta ta! xxxxx

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