Sunday, 25 August 2013

Summer Holiday Summary

Hello Beauties! 
I am pleased to say I have three posts lined up which I am excited about! Wherever I get too excited and post them all tomorrow ( I really need to control myself when it comes to blogging ) I do not know, but expect fashion and beauty related posts soon! Also I have a few reviews coming up, but I do not  particularly like writing reviews ( which is weird, as they are one of my fave posts to read) so they might not come for a while. 
         Anyways, this post is about summer. If you are like me , and have grown up watching disney movies ( HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 4EVA ;) ) and now watch chick flicks, the start of summer is a big thing for you. As in, I always have these goals and things I want to achieve and I wanna make new friends, meet a boy, be more sociable , have loads of gossip , the list goes on. Then about halfway through you remember this list and think ( whilst lying on the sofa , wearing your dressing gown and watching a friends episode you have seen so much you know all the lines ) "meh thats effort" so you spend the rest of your summer doing the things you always do: texting , watching tv, stalking people on facebook, surfing the web and occasionally having sleepovers with your best girlfriends. Then ,At the end of summer when you have like two days left, you think : SHIT I am a sad loser with no social life! 
Therefore you try and cram in as much as possible . Is it just me who does that? 
     I still have a week and a bit left luckily, so I can still do SOME things. As I was writing this post I remembered I did a post on my goals for summer ( if you remember reading that post, I'll love you forever coz it was a while ago and I didnt have many followers - well less than I do now). So here they are and I'll tell you if I have achieved them! 

1.  Blog as often as I can - I feel like I have done this . I mean, sometimes I posted three things a day! I have posted 39 times in august so far - WOW
2. Wear perfume - Pah, well I once wore body spray, but it is not the same :( 
3. Read 5 books by september-  since I posted my goals for summer post, I have read two books and am halfway through my third. But if you count the two books I read in holiday, I have read 4 and a half :) 
4. Walk the dog every day -  unfortunately, this did NOT work out . I shall try and walk her every day until  school from tomorrow . 
5. Try something new - Tehehe , even this sounds like what I mentioned above. I did the Fame ' put a musical on in a week' and got the main part. So that counts. But whatever I do, its never anything really unique. I dont know, fame was AMAZING, but i want something else as well. Asdfghhjkl I cant put my finger on it! 

 #cheekyselfie ;) 
Also I was thinking of making my google plus page serious - as in trying to get followers and post on it and following you guys :) would you like that or is google plus not worth it? Tell me in the comments . 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx


  1. I don't have a googl plus, i don't see the upside in making one. I love this post, it's funnny your just like me! I wanted to do so much this summer but ended up doing squat....
    Great post, can't wait for the other ones coming up soon :)

  2. Ok cool. Haha I am glad its not just me then!
    thank you :)

    1. Sorry, thie comment I just posted is in reply to Onys comment :)

  3. followed,nice blog hehe Xx


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