Thursday, 29 August 2013

Teenage Dictionary

Hello Beauties!
Yesterday it was announced  that the words selfie and twerking were going in the dictionary ( well the english one anyway) so I wanted to break down typical teenage sayings and what they mean. 
**these are just my personal views and this is nothing serious or official. You are completely welcome to disagree with me!**

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate . 
What you think it means A phrase used when a teen is so insecure, they think potatoes hate them
What it actually means A phrase used when someone doesnt care if people hate them . Normally used over the internet 

Hashtag Yolo Swag 
What you think it means A phrase used when someone wants to get attention, by completely confusing who they say it to. 
What it actually means Yolo stands for you only live once and this phrase is used when someone is carefree or when someone else has done something really cool. 

Boo You Whore (sorry its rude, I know) 
What you think it means A phrase used when someone is so angry at someone.
What it actually means This is a phrase from the film Mean Girls so mean girls fanatics will often use this with each other in a friendly way. This phrase can also be used when you are slightly annoyed at one of your besties but you do not mean to hurt them. 

What you think it means A type of drink in Starbucks
What it actually means A frape is where someone has gone on someone elses facebook account and posts something stupid
What you think it means The person being called Fly is on drugs or just really weird
What it actually means That someone looks really nice 

Lol - laugh out loud 
Wuu2 - what you up to
Wud - what you doing
Hru - how are you
Wbu- what about you
Lmao - laughing my ass off
Totes - totally 
Bbz - babes 
Kk or k - ok 

Hope you enjoyed this post, learnt something new or found it vaguely amusing! 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx


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