Thursday, 15 August 2013

(Very ) Mini Haul!

Hello Beauties!
Yay! Another haul! So I took the plunge and bought some hair things. I still need to buy : heat protectant spray, shampoo, conditioner, wave styler and the airstyler. I did not buy the heat protectant coz After my curling disaster this morning, until I get the waver I do not think I will need it! I did not get shampoo and conditioner coz my current ones have not run out and I HATE having loads of products that are not used up! I am saving for the waver and my plan with the air styler is to get a really cheap one, see if it works, if it does I will invest in an expensive one, if it doesnt I will go back to the manual hair dryer and brush. 
ANYWAYS back to the haul :) 
 I bought three hair products and one item of clothing. I bought the L'Oreal Elvive extraordinary oil but it is a mist for fine hair instead of the real deal which I mentioned in my hair care wishlist which you can find: 
I bought the mist for fine hair at my mums recommendation ( we have the same hair - unfortunately coz she found
her 1st grey hair at the age of 25! ) saying my hair might get greasier with the oil. 

Then I bought the batiste dry shampoo. It was £2.99 and everyone I know who uses it LOVES it! I bought it in the scent 'cool and crisp FRESH' . I debated getting other flavours but I did not incase I did not like them . FRESH was a safe bet right? Anyhoo I sprayed this in the can top when I got home and you know when you get a scent from someones hair and it smells like salon hair? This smells JUST like  that! 
The last hair product I bought was the Sheer Blonde controlled lightening spray. I was sceptical about this but I thought 'what the heck , I might as well try it' It says do not used on dry or damaged hair. What I plan to do is use it three times( after I wash it) on one bit of hair and see if it gets results and if my hair is still in ok condition. If not thats £6.99 gone to waste! :D 

Now the top I bought. It was in the sale at Debenhams for £12 and in my size! I was with my mum and she brought me in and when she was looking at Phase 8, I got bored and wondered over to Henry Holland. It looked like they had some super cute skirts and woollen jumpers for winter , but it was all quite expensive. THEN I found the sale racks! There was so much choice in all sizes. The top I bought had an orignal price of £25 ( I think) and I just HAD to buy it! Most of the stock looked very summer and strappy , and although this is sleeveless, it would look great with a jacket in winter. It is also quite a wintry colour. Today I am showing you it with my light jeans from new look. In winter I would wear this with biker boots and a jacket as well. 
I am very pleased with is purchase:) 

Ta ta! xxxxxxxx
P.s all photos of the top (except the last one) were taken with the 'Retrica' app. 

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