Thursday, 8 August 2013

Yorkshire day 1 - arrival.

So todday me and my brother are heading to my grandparents house in north yorkshire. We took a train from our local town to london, then we went to kings cross to a station a bit further from york. It takes 3 hours in total. I like taking the train coz it is speedy and you can be quite independent. With trains you can really go anywhere in england and even UK to france and europe! 
So my travel outfit 
 This long sleeve baggy, thin jumper is from H&M and I wore a primark black vest underneath. Then my black and grey patterned leggings are from primark. I wore black conversy style shoes from new look. 
This was the whole outfit with my hand travel bag. I like this bag coz it has loads of compartments and is stylish . 
 I got it from RYMANS ( stationary shop) but it is an Oneil bag. 
When I travel I like my hair out of my face so I put it in a fishtail plait/braid. I am gonna do tutorials on plaits, buns and hairstyles in general so watch out for that! 
 Here it is! 

Now makeup I kept it simple. I used benefit 'me vain? ' powder in champagne. Eyemakeup I used rimmel scandal eyes mascara, I used the pink from the benefit smokey eye palette to line my upper lashline ( sorta) then I got a tiny bit of vasaline and spread it round my lids. I used n.o 7 high shine lip crayon in 02 tickle. 
 Not a very clear photo, I was in a rush sorry! 
Later today I am meeting my 5 year old couin so expect pics! 
Until monday I will be postponing the blog challenge coz I wont have time to write :( 
Got to go , about to have lunch on the train :) 
Ta ta! xxxx 


  1. I love your tights! You didnt show a clear picture of them, you shouldve because they are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! :) Great post, hope you enjoyed visiting your Grandparents, and meeting your lil cousin. I hope all was well

    1. Thanks , sorry bout the picture quality , thats ipads for you! I have a pic of them in another post so hope that helps .
      Thanks, the trips been great so far :)


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