Saturday, 28 September 2013

My makeup wishlist

Hello Beauties! 
Today, I should be doing my september favourites, but , I did not have any new ones really! :( so here is my wishlist ! 
1. Garnier BB Cream - I have heard a TON of bloggers rave about this  , I need some! 
2. Maybelline transparant powder ( I dunno the offical name) . I feel this would be great to controll oily parts pf my face. 
3. Boujours chocolate box bronzer - this just looks amazing ! I really wanna try a bronzer to contour and this one looks good. 
4. A blush - you guys need to help me with this ! I want a blush that is a natural ish colour , nothing too bright , it has to be matte and £6 or under. Advice? Comment below ( would also help if I coulf get it in the uk, haha ) 

1. Drugstore eyeshadow primer - again not too sure on which one , but any drugstore one will be fine for me. 
2. Maybelline the falsies mascara - this has been raved about beyond belief! Also my benefit mascara is running out and i need a cheaper alternative. 
3. Maybelline colour tattoos. 

Pinky nude lipstick - again , advice please? One from the drugstore would be good. I am thinking about the rimmel kate moss range.
Red lipgloss - I am too scared to try a red lip so I think this would be great
Pink lipgloss -  I just need a new one really! 

Then on things I will probably get - a white powder, purple lipstick, gel eyeliner, red lipstick , green eyeshadow. FOR HALLOWEEN MAKEUP TUTORIALS!!!! <3 I will probally get all of that from natural collection as it is all cheap - though I would not recommend them .
Eyemakeup today . 

I hope you enjoyed this post , it has made me want things more and more! Oops! 
Ta ta!xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to get heatless waves overnight

Hello Beauties! 
So this is a lil quick post on how to get heatless wavy hair! 
Wash your hair like normal. Leave it to dry naturally for around 10 mins, more if your hair is longer. Then plait it and sleep with it. In the morning before you take out your plaits I used the L'Oreal elvive oil mist. Then stypke your hair. Also I washed my hair in the morning , so I left my plaits in all day and night, to get them to stay longer. 
Just a simple braid/plait. 

This is just a quickie monday post , hope you enjoyed! 
Ta ta!xxxxxx

Knitwear - my top 5.

Hello Beauties! 
I am writing both of my midweek posts in advance, so its phoebs from last sunday here ( hope that makes sense, I just thought it sounded cool) 
Last weekend I did a post on my top 5 pairs of winter shoes, amd it hasnt got any feedback yet, but I enjoyed writmg it, so here is my top 5 knitwear pieces for winter! 
I am literally LUSTING for this cardi! It wood look fab with a cute tee, leggings and pumps. Gimme! £19.99 generation at new look . 
This is a cropped jumper at topshop. It would look so amazing with a shirt and the collar sticking out, light wash jeans and doc martins. 
This jumper is kinda my life. With a skirt, leggings and brown ankle boots, this outfit would be perf. £14.99 , generation at new look. 
This dress technically isn't knitwear but im in love! With patterened black tights and colourful shoes ( pink doc martens - omg) this would look great. £32 johnnie b. 

So this isnt my favourite christmas jumper, but its the only one I have found. And it had to be included. £38 johnnie b. 

There you are midweek people, I hope you enjoyed my top 5! 
Ta ta!xxxxxx

Exagerate your features makeup tutorial #4 bright eyes

Hello Beauties! 
Here it is, after two weeks I am finally doing this! Its the last in this series , sad face. But I think you guys have enjoyed them. I'll link all the other posts in this series at the bottom. 

My face is really spotty at the moment, so I will not be doing skin stuff. But for this look do not make your foundation/concealer look cakey. And no contouring. We want our eyes to brighten up our face, not our powder. In my other post in this series I do different skincare looks, so be sure to check out them. 

Now the eyes! 
This is all you need! Eyebrow comb, 2 eyeshadow brushes, mascara, eyelash curler, sleek pallete and black eyeliner pencil 
As I have hazel eyes, I am gonna be doing a purple eyelook. We will start with lighter colours then get darker.
 Start by sweeping a neutral accros your lids. Then use a white in the inner corner and on your brow bone. 
Next take a light purple all over your lids, but not in the inner corner. ( for my light purple i used a bright purple amd mixed it with a white) 
Next, in the outer corner, take a dark purple. Also, extend the colour just outside your outer corner, to make your eyes look bigger.
Next, apply a bright purple on the centre of your lid and in the crease. Blend the edge of the dark purple with the bright. 
Take your light purple and use it as a lower lashline eyeliner. 

Finally for eyeshadow, take a neutral to blend the colours into each other. 
take your black eyeliner and use it in the outer corner and on the waterline. 
Finally, curl your lashes and apply mascara. 
TOP TIP . Definately apply concealer under your eyes. It automatically brightens them up. 
Eyes done! 
Comb through your eyebrows , but do not pencil them, coz our eyes are busy enough!
For lips a soft colour would be perfect. I am using the L'Oreal Carise Rouge in 03 lovely rose. 
Look done! 

So thats it , this series over! :( hope you enjoyed it, coz I certainly loved creating these looks! 

Ta ta!xxxxxx 

Shoes - top 5.

Hello Beauties! 
As autumn is here, we can start to buy new shoes and boots! Whoop! Here are my top 5. 
I am DESPERATE for these! Doc martens £90 official doc marten store
 These sneaker are so me! H&m 

These are smarter shoes , going out to dinner sorta thing. £18.99 generation new look. 
I need these on my feet! £16 next. 

And finally black pumps. I love mine , they are so wearable! £5 primark. 

Hope you enjoyed this top 5 post, I might do another one next week. Also , my tumblr is up ! I do not know how to use followers so if you know loads about tumblr amd how to gain followers and stuff like that, please email me!  would love you to check out my tumblr. 

Ta ta!xxxxxxx

Saturday, 21 September 2013

L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - Mist

Hello Beauties! 
I am so sorry there was no post yesterdy, me and some new friends decided to go to see a film. 2 posts tomorrow though! 
Also I am in the process of setting up my tumblr. More of that to come!
And I got in to the local boys school play! I am a non speaking part, but only me and another friend got in - 4 other girls didnt . 

So the oil mist can be used in multiple ways. As a finishing touch, before you blowdry and before you shower. It is such a versatile product, and a little goes a long way. 

Good price 
Keeps hair healthy 
Perfect for detangling before you have a shower 
Shiny finish 

Can leave hair greasy 

I hope this review was helpful! 
Ta ta!xxxxx

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Total Eclipse of the heart

Hello Beauties!
I am SO sorry I havent posted for 5 days - eeek! Its been a busy week. Also this post is not deep and meaningful, like the title suggests, I just had that song stuck in my head haha
On bloggy things , you lucky duckys will get a post from me, now, tomorrow, saturday and sunday! I am jealous ;)
 I am also posting on the JOALLAP collab blog tomorrow. I also hope to post on Ony's blog over the weekend. 
Please keep reading and following the blog! My aim is 50 followers for xmas. That would be incredible <3 

Now , an update of my week so far. On monday and tuesday , nothing really happened. Yesterday was where all the goss came from. 
The boys school near my school were auditioning for their play, and they needed girls as well. Me and my friends all went for a laugh really, but when we got there there was LOADS of extremely tall and adult looking guys! It was not a joke. Luckily, the audition was not in front of them. Once they left I had my audition with the head of drama there. My audition went well, it helped I was in my schools musical theatre club as well. The script went well, she said it was fantastic and I looked animated , which I think is good. Then all my friends did their audition and EVERYONE else had to say the piece twice. She gave them corrections after the 1st time they said it. So I do not know if thats a good or bad thing! I find out this weekend. 

Guy talk. Boys are a pain! Just however many videos or blog posts about guys you read ( with tips amd advice) I would not completely trust it. Do what you feel is best, be you! If it doesnt work, it wasn't meant to be.

Today I got 5 subjects of homework and most were for tomorrow. And I had a club until 6. Ut was very hard and stressful to get it all in. I missed waterloo road again ! 

I am so sorry this is yet ANOTHER lifestyle post. EVERY POST this weekend will not be lifestyle. Unless I have an update. In that case, ONLY ONE post this weekend will be lifestyle. Yeah :) 
My bloggy plan 
One day during the week

The post in the week will be lifestyle , and I will try and change up the other 3 posts. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, a bit boring maybe but I felt I needed to post. Sorry! 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx

Sunday, 15 September 2013

How I style - Black Leggings

Hello Beauties!
I am sorry there was no post yesterday, I was too tired. And I am sorry its quite late to post on sunday, oops. And I AM SO ANNOYED AND SORRY coz I have conjunctivitis which is an eye infection so I cannot do my exaggerate your eyes makeup tutorial. I feel sooooo bad as I should of posted it last week.... Don't hate me! 
So in this fabby do post I am showing you 3 ways of styling black leggings. Also I have thick socks on but they are not part of any of the looks - my feet are just cold! 
The fist look is just a lazy day classic look. Comfy , but if you accesorise with bangles and nice boots , it can look more stylish. Gilet new look. Hoodie jack wills,  leggings, topshop. 

This is more of a dressy look, but still casual! If worn with boots or high tops this is a cool - going shopping with guys look, but with pumps or heels its a ready to partay look. 
Jacket h&m, top m&s, skirt superdry, leggings topshop. 
Now this look is a full on night out look. If you had leather look leggings, this wood be AMAZE! And with high tops or doc martins. I would SO wear this! 
Top and leggings topshop. 

So there you have it, 3 different ways to style black leggings. I hope you found this hopeful and enjoyed the post (duh) !!! 
Ta ta!xxxxx

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ask Phoebs!

Hello Beauties!
So I was nominated for the Liebster award by Crystal from a teens guide to life. But as you know I have already done this tag, but I looove answering questions! So here is a cheeky thursday post! I should be writing my JOALLAP post tonight so I hope I make time for that. 
And the questions are...
1. What would you say is your fashion must have?
My leather jacket. Always the leather jacket! Though I haven't included much of it in this blog... Oops!

2. What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
Gosh deep! No one has actually told me this, I have just learnt it through stuff, but always have the confidence to do what you love. Never say no to what you wanna do coz your friends would male fun of you. 

3. What's something you're passionate about? 
Writing songs. And singing in general . And my ukulele. And musical theatre. So all that snazzy stuff . 

4. What's your favorite season and why?
Summer! Well , theres my birthday, better ( well vaguely) weather , and no school!

5. Who would you consider you idol or role model?
Ed sheeran, Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift. I don't idolise them, I just really like them . 

6. What's your favorite childhood movie?
Charlie and the chocolate factory. Man I was obsessed with that film! I wanted to meet willy wonka, and when I saw jonny depp being himself , I think I nearly cried!

7. Do you have any bad habits?
I bite my nails, chew my pens, slightly addicted to blogger, bbm, facebook , youtube and just generally my fone. 

8. What's your favorite show at the moment?
Show as in tv show or theatre show or cinema show? I'll do all three. Tv show has gotta be bad education, theatre show is still wicked <3  ( but i am looking forward to xfactor the comedy musical, written by harry hill. If your from uk you will deffo know him! ) and cinema show ( so film) I do not have a fave . 

9. What was your favorite year of school and why?
I loved year four ( so I was 8-9 years old) coz there was no work to get into senior school and it was really fun! Then I liked year seven as it was the 1st year at big school ( I was 11-12 years old) 

10. If you could live anywhere else, where would you live?
I would not know where to begin! I love the thought of town life, but also the thought of living in the county. Also LA sounds EPIC but I have never been so maybe not live there. 

11. What inspired you to start your blog?
All the english youtubers. I have started previous blogs and this one just stuck! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks crystal for nominating me! 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Autumn / fall outfits + party outfit!

Hello Beauties! 
Woah, I havent posted in a few days! Which sucks coz I cant, and I am not getting the pageviews I want. So bummer. Anyways plan for the week is I wont be posting on here on fir, due to the PARTAY , but I will get my joallap post up. And tomorrow ( if all goes to plan, which hardly ever d happens haha ) Ony's first post on my blog will be up. Then on sat and sunday I'll be posting away (: 

So the 1st outfit is all about layering. Gotta love layers for autumn!
Tops are from h and m, vest new look, leggings topshop. I wore all these throughout summer ( it can get a bit chily here) so here is a autumn outfit! 
Im not doing shoes, coz I dont have any winter shoes that fit! Sorry! 
I love that layered look and the pink and purple contrast. 
Top hollister ( its a few years old though) , shorts-sports direct, tights boots, socks m&s
Bit of a weird combo, but I love coloured shorts in winter! Most people wear denim or blackshorts and   tights but I like this! I wood wear this with doc martin style boots to make the socks look better... i know they look weird now, but very cozy! 
Controversial right? I know not everyone will like the clashing prints but I really love it and dont  judge :) top topshop, leggings primark. 
Shoes with this one! 
Top newlook
Think the scarf is accesorize but cannot be sure.
Skirt topshop, tights boots ( though I ripped all the top half... Be careful with tights guys:P ) pumps primark.
This outfit is still light and summery, but warm and cozy <3 

Now a week or so ago , I was telling you about a party I was going to. I told you I would show you the outfit, and here it is! (link to original post. Check it out!) 
Top and skirt topshop, shoes primark. 

Do you like the outfit? Tell me in the comments! 

Hope you liked the post and have some inspiration for autumn/ fall outfits. Tell me which was your fave .  Thanks for reading! 
Ta ta!xxxxx
P.s sorry for bad photos and lighting - i use my ipad for photos and it is dark here in uk now. 

Onys Post!

Hello Beauties!
Here is Onys post, which I hope you enjoy. More of me @ the weekend. Ta ta!xxxx

   Hello, My name is Ony and today is my first ever time posting on Phoebs blog! I'm really excited, about this beauty D.I.Y post. Everything I tell you now, I want you to know I strongly recommend and its works like a charm! I love to just pamper myself, when my body is battling against me - When it's that time of the month - So I only do this once a month, but twice a month can be great also, but every single weekend, or day is a No,No.

   Without further ado, join me and you'll learn how to have a fantastic relaxing,pampered day/night.

You Will Need :


             Or click this website for other natural remedies.

                     Note: I have not tried anything else that I LOVED and worked GREAT for my skin, but I bet their are other things that you can use, for different skin types!

Olive Oil!

            Or you can try Argan, and Cocunut oil that this website recommends!

                  Note: I have not tried Argan or cocunut oil, because i simply have never been encouraged to do so. I love Olive Oil, we are in a very exquisite relationship, and there's seriously no other :)

Honey! & Sugar

                            Or vaseline and sugar, or olive oil and sugar!

                                   Note: I recommend Honey :) Natural, Organic Honey! Nothing added!

Nail Polish!

           Even if your not a girly girl, come on, embrace your girly side! Paint your nails pink

Bubble Bath Soap!

              Or use regular soap, or none at all! I just love bubbles :)

Shower/night cap!

              Or a hair tye, just so its away from the water!

Step 1 - Grab everything you need (listed above) plus a plush towel, a radio - something to listen to your tunes- and head over to the bathroom! Lock the door tight and get ready to

remove all your strescs,cramps and any other probs, and start the bath! Make sure the temperature is hot to warm, and add in your bubble soap, and about five cap fulls of olive oil

Why? - Hot Water, is to release your stress and cramps! The steam is just wonderful, and relaxing!

         Bubble Bath Soap, is fun! Come on, be a child enjoy the bubbles! Come on...Come on :)

         Olive Oil, this rids lotion! If your anything like me you love to cover your body in lotion after a nice warm bath/shower, and loves a smooth slightly shiny body! Adding olive in your bath does all of that while your bathing, and like i said rids lotion!

Step 2 - While waiting for your bath water to fill up 3/4ths of the way, so when you dip in the water doesn't overflow, put on some tunes! I love listening to Lana Del Rey! But if you're like me, that's boring! So i watch some netflix or youtube i just watch something, or read Twilight for the billionth time. Now that you have

your music and bathwater, make sure your hair is tied up and move everything you'll need towards your bath area; Honey,Sugar,Nail Polish, and the Oatmeal!

That is all for Part One out of Two of "Sp(a)oil Yourself" , If you would like to read Part Two of this post head over to my blog ----->

Smiley Face,


I loved posting on your blog,Phoebs! Thank You, so much and I can't wait for my next beauty D.I.Y post here, Next Month! If you guys enjoyed this post comment below, and some ideas on what my post should be for next month! :) Or if yousimply enjoyed it comment below, I put alot of time and effort into this post so I'd love to know what tou think!!!