Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Autumn / fall outfits + party outfit!

Hello Beauties! 
Woah, I havent posted in a few days! Which sucks coz I cant, and I am not getting the pageviews I want. So bummer. Anyways plan for the week is I wont be posting on here on fir, due to the PARTAY , but I will get my joallap post up. And tomorrow ( if all goes to plan, which hardly ever d happens haha ) Ony's first post on my blog will be up. Then on sat and sunday I'll be posting away (: 

So the 1st outfit is all about layering. Gotta love layers for autumn!
Tops are from h and m, vest new look, leggings topshop. I wore all these throughout summer ( it can get a bit chily here) so here is a autumn outfit! 
Im not doing shoes, coz I dont have any winter shoes that fit! Sorry! 
I love that layered look and the pink and purple contrast. 
Top hollister ( its a few years old though) , shorts-sports direct, tights boots, socks m&s
Bit of a weird combo, but I love coloured shorts in winter! Most people wear denim or blackshorts and   tights but I like this! I wood wear this with doc martin style boots to make the socks look better... i know they look weird now, but very cozy! 
Controversial right? I know not everyone will like the clashing prints but I really love it and dont  judge :) top topshop, leggings primark. 
Shoes with this one! 
Top newlook
Think the scarf is accesorize but cannot be sure.
Skirt topshop, tights boots ( though I ripped all the top half... Be careful with tights guys:P ) pumps primark.
This outfit is still light and summery, but warm and cozy <3 

Now a week or so ago , I was telling you about a party I was going to. I told you I would show you the outfit, and here it is! (link to original post. Check it out!) 
Top and skirt topshop, shoes primark. 

Do you like the outfit? Tell me in the comments! 

Hope you liked the post and have some inspiration for autumn/ fall outfits. Tell me which was your fave .  Thanks for reading! 
Ta ta!xxxxx
P.s sorry for bad photos and lighting - i use my ipad for photos and it is dark here in uk now. 


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