Saturday, 7 September 2013

First Day of School!

Hello Beauties! 
Sorry I didnt post this yesterday, I just wanted to chill ALL evening. And I think I went slightly overboard with my 30 followers celebrations, so errmm, whoops!
The night before school I just got completely ready, got out my uniform, packed my bag, had a shower, etc.  Then i went to bed at 10:00

On the day I woke up @ 6:45 and had breakfast. I had granola and vanilla yogurt, then a slice of toast and finally a berry fruit smoothie. Very filling! Then I got dressed into my school uniform. 
So for hair I did it in a high, messy bun. Then I brushed my teeth and did my morning skin routine! 
For makeup, I wore concealer, mascara, white eyeshadow ( only in the inner corners) and tinted lipbalm. I also combed my brows :) 
And to start my school day, I got the train. I like getting the train, as I meet girls in other classes who live near me. I also like girls from other schools who get the same train as me. I am the sociable bunny ;) 

At school, it was weird being in new classes. Everyone stayed in their groups. It kinda defeated the whole point. I like my class but you know, we need to be more social. We went to my friends class and they were all mixing. They all seem really nice. 

Lesson wise, I had good teachers and they were not to hard on us. I am quite lucky this weekend I have no written homework, unlike my friend who has 5 subjects! I am trying my hardest and I want to stay motivated. I want to do well this year. 

At the end of the day, I got the train home. I prefer getting the train home , but thats obvious! 
Then I had a snack, chilled, did homework, ate dinner, checked homework, watched tv and went to bed. 

Hope you enjoyed the final post in my back to school series! Sad face! 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx
 - my sexy face :D

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