Sunday, 22 September 2013

Knitwear - my top 5.

Hello Beauties! 
I am writing both of my midweek posts in advance, so its phoebs from last sunday here ( hope that makes sense, I just thought it sounded cool) 
Last weekend I did a post on my top 5 pairs of winter shoes, amd it hasnt got any feedback yet, but I enjoyed writmg it, so here is my top 5 knitwear pieces for winter! 
I am literally LUSTING for this cardi! It wood look fab with a cute tee, leggings and pumps. Gimme! £19.99 generation at new look . 
This is a cropped jumper at topshop. It would look so amazing with a shirt and the collar sticking out, light wash jeans and doc martins. 
This jumper is kinda my life. With a skirt, leggings and brown ankle boots, this outfit would be perf. £14.99 , generation at new look. 
This dress technically isn't knitwear but im in love! With patterened black tights and colourful shoes ( pink doc martens - omg) this would look great. £32 johnnie b. 

So this isnt my favourite christmas jumper, but its the only one I have found. And it had to be included. £38 johnnie b. 

There you are midweek people, I hope you enjoyed my top 5! 
Ta ta!xxxxxx


  1. Well to be honest I really like the red jumper :) Can't wait for Christmas to come!


    1. Haha, I am trying not to get too excited coz its a while away yet!


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