Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mabelline Baby Lips review

Hello Beauties!
I said I had lots of beauty posts for you today, and I did, but I could not be bothered to show you a tutorial. But I will have the last one in my Exaggerate your features tutorials up soon :) 
I have read a GAZILLION baby lips reviews so I really shouldnt add yet ANOTHER one to the blogging world. But here I am :) 

I have read many reviews cf the babylips, and for £2.99 they looked like they gave good colour! I waited weeks for my local boots to stock them and finally they did! Also it was 3 for 2 so I got one babylips in Pink Punch and 2 in Cherry Me. 

They both smell AMAZING . I personally prefer the smell of Cherry Me . They look like they give such a pop of colour but it gives slightly less than expected. But it is only a lip balm. 
One layer or Cherry me 
A couple of layers of cherry me. 

I love them for the colour, but thats it. They are moisturising on, but after a while your lips feel dry. They do not stay on for long , but it does not say it will and its like any lipbalm. I think maybelline needs to give the colour more staying power, create more colours and turn it to a lip crayon range. I love them, but as a tinted lipbalm I would go with ChapStick. But for £2.99 and such a colour , its ok. I will be repurchasing these. :) 
Cute packaging and product names , right?

Perfect pout ;) 
This pic is Pink Punch on with several layers. 

So I think these are great for : colour
School wear 

But not so good for: helping the condition of your lips

Hope you enjoyed this lil review and comment it you want more!
Ta ta!xxxxxxxx

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