Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Onys Post!

Hello Beauties!
Here is Onys post, which I hope you enjoy. More of me @ the weekend. Ta ta!xxxx

   Hello, My name is Ony and today is my first ever time posting on Phoebs blog! I'm really excited, about this beauty D.I.Y post. Everything I tell you now, I want you to know I strongly recommend and its works like a charm! I love to just pamper myself, when my body is battling against me - When it's that time of the month - So I only do this once a month, but twice a month can be great also, but every single weekend, or day is a No,No.

   Without further ado, join me and you'll learn how to have a fantastic relaxing,pampered day/night.

You Will Need :


             Or click this website for other natural remedies.

                     Note: I have not tried anything else that I LOVED and worked GREAT for my skin, but I bet their are other things that you can use, for different skin types!

Olive Oil!

            Or you can try Argan, and Cocunut oil that this website recommends!

                  Note: I have not tried Argan or cocunut oil, because i simply have never been encouraged to do so. I love Olive Oil, we are in a very exquisite relationship, and there's seriously no other :)

Honey! & Sugar

                            Or vaseline and sugar, or olive oil and sugar!

                                   Note: I recommend Honey :) Natural, Organic Honey! Nothing added!

Nail Polish!

           Even if your not a girly girl, come on, embrace your girly side! Paint your nails pink

Bubble Bath Soap!

              Or use regular soap, or none at all! I just love bubbles :)

Shower/night cap!

              Or a hair tye, just so its away from the water!

Step 1 - Grab everything you need (listed above) plus a plush towel, a radio - something to listen to your tunes- and head over to the bathroom! Lock the door tight and get ready to

remove all your strescs,cramps and any other probs, and start the bath! Make sure the temperature is hot to warm, and add in your bubble soap, and about five cap fulls of olive oil

Why? - Hot Water, is to release your stress and cramps! The steam is just wonderful, and relaxing!

         Bubble Bath Soap, is fun! Come on, be a child enjoy the bubbles! Come on...Come on :)

         Olive Oil, this rids lotion! If your anything like me you love to cover your body in lotion after a nice warm bath/shower, and loves a smooth slightly shiny body! Adding olive in your bath does all of that while your bathing, and like i said rids lotion!

Step 2 - While waiting for your bath water to fill up 3/4ths of the way, so when you dip in the water doesn't overflow, put on some tunes! I love listening to Lana Del Rey! But if you're like me, that's boring! So i watch some netflix or youtube i just watch something, or read Twilight for the billionth time. Now that you have

your music and bathwater, make sure your hair is tied up and move everything you'll need towards your bath area; Honey,Sugar,Nail Polish, and the Oatmeal!

That is all for Part One out of Two of "Sp(a)oil Yourself" , If you would like to read Part Two of this post head over to my blog ----->

Smiley Face,


I loved posting on your blog,Phoebs! Thank You, so much and I can't wait for my next beauty D.I.Y post here, Next Month! If you guys enjoyed this post comment below, and some ideas on what my post should be for next month! :) Or if yousimply enjoyed it comment below, I put alot of time and effort into this post so I'd love to know what tou think!!!

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