Sunday, 22 September 2013

Shoes - top 5.

Hello Beauties! 
As autumn is here, we can start to buy new shoes and boots! Whoop! Here are my top 5. 
I am DESPERATE for these! Doc martens £90 official doc marten store
 These sneaker are so me! H&m 

These are smarter shoes , going out to dinner sorta thing. £18.99 generation new look. 
I need these on my feet! £16 next. 

And finally black pumps. I love mine , they are so wearable! £5 primark. 

Hope you enjoyed this top 5 post, I might do another one next week. Also , my tumblr is up ! I do not know how to use followers so if you know loads about tumblr amd how to gain followers and stuff like that, please email me!  would love you to check out my tumblr. 

Ta ta!xxxxxxx

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