Thursday, 19 September 2013

Total Eclipse of the heart

Hello Beauties!
I am SO sorry I havent posted for 5 days - eeek! Its been a busy week. Also this post is not deep and meaningful, like the title suggests, I just had that song stuck in my head haha
On bloggy things , you lucky duckys will get a post from me, now, tomorrow, saturday and sunday! I am jealous ;)
 I am also posting on the JOALLAP collab blog tomorrow. I also hope to post on Ony's blog over the weekend. 
Please keep reading and following the blog! My aim is 50 followers for xmas. That would be incredible <3 

Now , an update of my week so far. On monday and tuesday , nothing really happened. Yesterday was where all the goss came from. 
The boys school near my school were auditioning for their play, and they needed girls as well. Me and my friends all went for a laugh really, but when we got there there was LOADS of extremely tall and adult looking guys! It was not a joke. Luckily, the audition was not in front of them. Once they left I had my audition with the head of drama there. My audition went well, it helped I was in my schools musical theatre club as well. The script went well, she said it was fantastic and I looked animated , which I think is good. Then all my friends did their audition and EVERYONE else had to say the piece twice. She gave them corrections after the 1st time they said it. So I do not know if thats a good or bad thing! I find out this weekend. 

Guy talk. Boys are a pain! Just however many videos or blog posts about guys you read ( with tips amd advice) I would not completely trust it. Do what you feel is best, be you! If it doesnt work, it wasn't meant to be.

Today I got 5 subjects of homework and most were for tomorrow. And I had a club until 6. Ut was very hard and stressful to get it all in. I missed waterloo road again ! 

I am so sorry this is yet ANOTHER lifestyle post. EVERY POST this weekend will not be lifestyle. Unless I have an update. In that case, ONLY ONE post this weekend will be lifestyle. Yeah :) 
My bloggy plan 
One day during the week

The post in the week will be lifestyle , and I will try and change up the other 3 posts. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, a bit boring maybe but I felt I needed to post. Sorry! 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx

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