Saturday, 19 October 2013

3 cool halloween looks you can create from your wardrobe!

Hello beauties! 
Every year I end up creating my halloween costume last minute. So here are 3 cool outfits for you , if you are last minute, like me! All of these teamed with creapy makeup would look awesome. 

1. Geek! 
Black leggings, a  shirt , braces(for trousers)/geeky glasses/ bowtie and boots. Plait your hair or put it in bunchies for the whole look. 
So simple! To make this creepy add white eyeshadow all over your face, pink eyeshadow on your eyes,   Natural eyebrows and glossy lips. 

2. Kardashians!
Get your fave party outfit , rock some heels and perfect makeup. My top tip wpuld be choose either a red lip or a bold eye look. Depending on your chosen kardashian, curl / straighten your hair. 

3. Fast food waitress! 
Say I am mccdonalds. Get a red top , black leggins amd a red cap. Print a pic of the mccdonalds ( or your chosen fast food place) logo and safety pin it to your cap. 
If this is your party outfit, get a red dress ( if you are mccdonalds) , safety pin logo to dress. Add comfy shoes ( so plimpsols or trainers) and the red cap. Voila! 
For makeup, you could do anything you wanted. 

I hope you enjoyed this post , and get costume inspiration! I will do a halloween makeup tutorial when I get back to the uk. Watch this space! 

Ta ta!xxxxxxx

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