Sunday, 6 October 2013

Autumn Questions

Hello Beauties! 
I technically havent been tagged to do this, but I really wanted to answer these autumny questions! 
For Autumn, what is your..

Favourite thing about it?
I really like two things : browsing all the new clothes first off. I love choosing outfits and staple pieces - especially shoes! But I personnally HATE coats so the one thing I hate buying is a coat. 
Also, last week, the boots ( drugstore) christmas gift catalogue came out! OH MY GOD I love it! I dont like thinking about xmas , but looking at all the brands makeup gift sets amd hair items makes me very happy :) 

Favourite drink?

I like hot chocolate, I still like frappes , but at starbucks I love the winter themed drinks they do! 

Favourite scent/candle? 

Its a funky country diffuser - tangerine dream. I did a post on it here :
It smells fruity and just amazing!

Best lipstick?
I havent really found an autumn staple lipstick , I feel it shouldn't  be a bright pink. Maybe a nude, red lipgloss or dark pink. Hmmm I'll work on that. However I am loving the maybelline baby lips! They should release more colours (: 

Go-to moisturiser?
It will always be garnier moisture match for normal skin. It has SPF , which might seem stupid but you get hit with nearly as many rays on cloudy days as you do when the sun is out . I want to avoid wrinkles for as long as possible. 

Go-to colour for the eyes?
For autumn, I really like experimenting. I also feel that eyeliner can be worn more. In summer I do not like to pile on eyeshadow, so I like autumn for changing it up. Though if I do create staple eye look, you can be sure I will do a tutorial. 

Favourite band/singer or music to listen to?
It doesnt really change! Whatever is on the charts and whatever I am into at the time.

Favourite outfit to wear?
I am in the process of buying autumn/winter clothes, so I will get back to you on that. But check  out my recent haul here :

Autumn treat?
School, duh -_- I am not sure. 

So thats it, I am sorry some random bits are underlined, not very professional haha. I didnt really answer much directly, but I wanted a cheeky midweek post for you ;) hope you enjoyed! 
Ta ta!xxxxxxxx

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