Sunday, 27 October 2013

Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara vs Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Mascara

Hello Beauties! 
I will be comparing two very talked about mascaras ; Benefit 'They're Real' and Maybelline Rocket volume express. I will do a comparison then a summary

Packaging : 4/5 - 
Wand : 5/5 
Clump free : 4.5/5 
( i didnt apply this to my bottom lashes) 

Easy to apply : 3.5/5 
Volume : 4/
Length : 4/5

TOTAL : 25/30 


Packaging : 3.5/5 
Wand : 4/5 
Clump free : 3/
Easy to apply: 2.5/5 
Volume : 3/5 
Length : 5/5 

TOTAL: 21/30 

So, on points benefit wins it for me! The only downside is benefit has a hefty price tag. 
Really it depends what your budget is. By no means is the maybelline mascara bad , I think it looks too like mascara. As in with the benefit one it looks like your natural lashes are CRAZY long. Benefit os an all rounder as maybelline says its meant for volume, but I think it gives length. If you didnt know how to apply either mascara, it would look clumpy. It just takes a bit of practice with both to get the look you want :) 

Hope you enjoyed this post , tell me what your fave mascara is , or which one from the above you prefer in the comments below! 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx

P.s if I dont post tomorrow, it will be coz of a power cut. In the south of england ( where I live) tonight there is expected to be a MASSIVE storm so the power might be out. :( 


  1. Personally, I prefer maybelline because it lasts longer for me compared to other mascaras. I also use lash accelerator from tunnel London since my eyelashes are annoyingly short.

    And I live down south too so this storm is gonna affect the both of us.

    Love your blog x

    1. Yeah like I said I like that one too. Theres been so much hype about this storm I find it quite funny :D hope nothing too bad happens to wherever you live . And thanks xx

  2. I just got the covergirl clump crusher mascara. Have you tried that?

    1. No , covergirl isnt in the uk . I think I could order it online but I like going to the shops and buying the makeup! I have heard loads of beauty youtubers rave about it. xx


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