Sunday, 6 October 2013


Hello Beauties! 
Happy midweek! I am writing this on sunday, as usual with these posts. Anyways this is a basic halloween look , you can build up on the ideas in this look but I think just this look without any extras is good enough. 
All you will need!
First , we are going to prime our faces. As we will be applying eyeshadow to the face we really need to prime our skin! 
I am using the 17 photo flawless primer.
Next I am applying the 17 metallic cream (its kinda like a cream eyedhadow and highlighter all in one) to just above my cheekbones and below my temples. 
Can you see it? Bad lighting sorry :( 
If you want a really intense look, apply bronzer to your cheekbones. I am not though. 

Now for eyes. Apply a dark blue all over the lid. Under the eye apply a white. Apply the white all under your eye so it meets the metallic cream. 
Apply mascara  . 
For eyebrows , apply a darker colour than normal .  
Can i just say, I would never wear this look put other than on halloween. Also if you are only going to a slighlty fancy dress party, do not do this. You might look a bit too scary and full on ;) 

For lips, you could apply a concealer on your lips or a NUDE ( like not even pinky nide, just nude) shade of lipstick. But I am applying my mums elizabeth arden red lippie. Any deep red lipstick will do! 
Now i am applying white eyeshadow ( or your highlighter) around the lips so they stand out. 
Done! I would say this look is quite vampire -ish 
Like I said, general rule of makeup : never do bold eyes and lips. But for halloween its ok :) 
I will be publishing 1 or 2 more halloween makeup tutorials throughout october. I will also do a hair tutorial possibly this weekend? I am not sure. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial . If I do two more halloween looks, one will be more party ish and another one like this, but different ;) 

Ta ta!xxxxxxx

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