Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween makeup tutorial : Creepy Doll

THello Beauties! 
I am really excited about showing you this tutorial, coz I was quite proud of it haha. I did it last night so hopefully I can remember the exact things I did. This tutorial can kinda be changed to whatever creepy thing you are going as for halloween. Here is the finished look : 
On with the tutorial! 
First off, prime your skin. Then take a shimmerry white eyeshadow and put it all over your face. Then pat some matte white eyeshadow wherever you want. Just keep adding till you get the look you want. 
My scary face :S 
Then I am using the rimmel stay matte powder over the white. 
Now onto the eyes! 
Use a pink eyeshadow ( mine is from a 17 makeup kit) from just under the brow to just under the brow bone. 
I primed my eyes . Then use a blue from where the pink ended to just below the crease. 
Now get a red lipstick and apply this over the lid. wherever there is no eyeshadow, add this! I also used the red as an inner corner highlighter. The lippie is my mums Elizabeth Arden one. 
Then we are gonna apply our fave mascara and eyeliner. For eyeliner, do a little flick ( mine are really bad) and add eyeliner to the waterline. 
Finally , add a black eyeshadow on the bags under your eyes to make them seem bigger. 
Back to the face! Add lots of bright pink blush to your cheeks. Mine is from topshop. Then get a black or brown eyeliner and do dots on the pink - for freckles. 
Now for cheekbones! We want to really define them so get a SUPER dark bronzer or a bit of brown eyeshadow ( thats what I did) , make a fish face and apply the colour just below your cheekbones. 
If you use brown eyeshadow, blend it in well. 
For lips, I used a broght pink. This is a rimmel kate moss lipstick in shade 16. 
I then lined my lips with black eyeliner and extended my smilewith the black ( you'll see what I mean in the pic) . Personally I found just the black eyeliner a bit harsh so I added black eyeshadow over the top. 
I pressed my lips together to get the smokey effect on my lips. 
I got my red lipstick and made it look like blood dripping from my lips. 

Finally, scars. I put red lipstick on two random parts of my face, then got a brown eyeliner ( you could use black) and drew lines on the 'scars' 
The whole look! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and get inspiration for your halloween makeup. I have gotta  say, I REALLY enjoyed doing this tutorial. Let me know what you think in the comments below! 
Ta ta!xxxxxxxx

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